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We Cannot Support Pro-Choice Candidates

With Fathers day still fresh in the memory of some Americans, the term "family" is ridiculed once again by the American populace as a few Americans gather to celebrate this day with their fathers. The American Nuclear Family is all but dead, buried alive, with only futile efforts to free itself from the deep grave that the newer and wiser generations have thrown it in. The drastic rise in single parenthood, from around 10% to about 30%, can in large part be attributed to the overthrow of personal responsibility in Western Culture. Many factors have played apart in deteriorating the West, the rise of the government's role in the individuals life is no doubt playing a massive part, yet culture itself is the key player in this confounding collapse of society. We now live in a society where the loudest voices are the ones calling for the removal of personal responsibility at all costs, even if those costs include lives. The fact is that the cost of removing personal respons…

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