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Weekly Lens #7: Illegal Immigrant Detainment

This weeks topic was illegal immigrant detainment. The question posed to our writers and anyone who wanted to send their own response in was as follows. "Do you believe that a non-US citizen who entered the US illegally has surrendered certain rights by illegally crossing the border, and if so, what rights have they surrendered? Are there different categories of rights (example, rights that may be suspended when someone breaks a law, rights that can never be taken away from anyone)? Based on these answers, what actions do you think the government should take in regards to the issue of detaining illegal immigrants?"

RightLens News Writer Responses
Joint Response by Sarah Shaffer and Farah Hersi:
If you asked a child learning about our constitution and what makes it so great, they might happen to mention freedom of speech, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or even the right to a fair trial. Such rights under the constitution address rights that belong to…

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