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Birthright Citizenship in Global Context

After Trump considered an executive order to end Birthright citizenship, the issue suddenly jumped to the forefront of American politics. Inevitably this issue has been greeted by a vast variety of responses from the ever ridiculous its just racism to the assumption that its pure common sense to get rid of such a law.

To understand this law and why its so controversial, its important to establish the context to which the law was passed. After the civil war, the thirteenth amendment ended slavery, and to ascertain that former-slaves would be granted citizenship, the fourteenth amendment allowed all peoples born in the USA to become citizens of the United States. This amendment, in combination with the 13th, and 15th amendments were all put in place by the Republican dominated Congress in order to protect the rights of former-slaves from the southern states that were apt to find as many ways as possible to circumvent emancipation as possible, going as far as to make laws such as appren…

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