Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Democrats are fighting a losing battle on Guns

Its no small secret that the Democrat Party is the party of gun Control, and while the Democrats may win in many social issues like Gay marriage, Issues like Gun rights is something the Democrats wish they would have stayed out of. According to the Pew Research Center, the Gun control movement, which currently is supported by 75% of democrats, reached an all time high of 67% support from Americans while Gun Rights support was at a feeble 29%. Clearly this seemed like a great opportunity to hop onto the Bandwagon for the Democrat party. But since then, support for Gun Control has plummeted from 67% to 46% and support for Gun Rights has climbed from 29% to 52%. Ouch, that is a damaging blow for the Democrats.
Even groups that Democrats rely heavily on for votes, like African Americans are supporters of Gun Rights, in fact 62% of African American Adults asked by the National Medical Association said that having Guns at home would help protect them.
And surprisingly, the seemingly highly Liberal generation known as millennials is the toughest supporter of Gun Rights with 54% of Millennials supporting Gun Rights, compared to 52% of Boomers, and only 47% of generation X supporting Gun Rights.
It seems that America, the Nation whose media bombards its citizens
 with news 24/7 about how Gun Violence is the biggest evil in the world, is a Nation that supports the Rights of gun owners, rather than kneeling down to the whims of the left wing media.