Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Course in Persuasion for Dummies

We all have beliefs, and we all want to share those beliefs and have others side with us. How on earth do you do this. You may remember Pathos, Ethos, and Logos, from school. Ethos or credibility, Pathos or emotional connection to your audience, and Logos, also known as Logic. This is something that seems to be lost on society today, People go out with the goal of expressing their distaste for the president and instead of persuading people, they insult the president, and polarize the people. MLK protested by showing the segregationists that yes, we the black people are here, we are not going to go away, and we are not going to stoop to your level. The peaceful protests made the other side look bad by their violent approach, however now, instead of the protesters hoping to show their side as being in the moral high ground, protesters today believe that they have a monopoly on morals and need not prove anything, they are confrontational and obstinate, and this merely leads to more polarization. There is something that you should never do as a protester, and that is to make an offensive assault on someone else's beliefs, it is true that protests are meant to change people's minds, however, this is a gentle task. To persuade someone, you must be slow, steady, and persistent, not rude, pressing, and obscene. To try to rudely force something on someone fosters obstinacy and retaliation. The protesters today are coming at protesting the wrong way, and doing nothing do their cause. They must state a clear goal, not just say F*** Trump, they must have a clear message held by the entire group, and they must be able to back up their statement and goal with logic, The civil rights movements could show that segregation hurts society, calling Trump a facist is unsupportable and unproductive.