Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Defense For the Electoral College

For Years, The Left wing has struggled to erode any and all support for the Electoral College. This can be attributed partially to the Population advantage the Democrats have, With 31% of Americans identifying as Democrats and 29% identifying as Republicans. States like California and New York would be far more powerful than they are today, Despite their massive amount of electoral votes, 55, and 29 respectively, they have millions of votes that are essentially useless. A candidate can win a state by one vote, and after that, all the other votes in their favor are useless and just for looks, For instance Trump garnered 4,483,810 Votes in California, Hillary could have won with 4,483,811 votes, but instead she won with 8,753,788 votes, over 4 Million votes that have no effect on who the electoral votes are awarded to. But despite this seemingly unfair method of awarding votes, which is current in almost all states(except for Maine and Nebraska which go by districts,) There are benefits to this method. For instance if we go by popular vote, we must count the votes of someone from Wyoming and California as the same, yet they are not. Someone from Wyoming will have a completely different culture from someone on the west coast, and so the Electoral College takes this into account. The Superior population of California would be insuperable for states like Wyoming, Vermont, or even Ohio, but with the electoral college being based on the number of Representatives plus the two senators from each state, Wyoming can have a proportionally higher level of representation per person, and thus have a say in politics, where as, in a election ran by the popular vote, Wyoming would be worthless, Candidates would ignore it, and the people would feel useless and ignored.
This Is exactly why calls to end the electoral college are disturbing. We see countless news sources bashing it over and over again. for instance, The Washington Post put out an article called "How the electoral college gerrymanders the presidential vote", when in fact the electoral college is purely by state, and so any gerrymandering that was possible would of had to have been established before the state was created, which is unlikely, if not down right false. A important thing to keep in mind when voting is that you are not voting directly for your candidate, when you are voting, you are telling your state "I want you(the state) to cast your votes for this person(your candidate of choice)." America is not simply one nation, but is a bunch of separate states, with separate beliefs and separate cultures, and to mash them together and say they were all one and the same would be down right false, and damaging to america, completely destroying all the say that almost all states inland have. Another statement being pushed by leftwing media is that the electoral college is only around due to slavery, and that was its only use. the times put out an article called "The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Existswhich is obviously an attempt to delegitimize the Electoral College. Was it created to protect slavery, somewhat, but what the Electoral college mainly created for? To protect States individualism and right to have a say in america's elections. Slavery was just one of the topics in which states once felt they needed to have a fair say in, Slavery has been abolished, and is not relevant whatsoever to today's elections, so why is it that suddenly vast numbers of left wing news sources are spouting nonsense about how the electoral college is basically just a symptom of slavery around today. It is to delegitimize the electoral college, and in doing so, de-legitimize Trump's victory. If you can say Trump didn't win fairly, than you don't have to admit he is your president, or won democratically, You can continue to deny him, and call him the loser. The fact is, Trump could have possibly won the popular vote, but the Electoral college pushed him to go to less populous states, where he could win the electoral college votes, For instance, with the electoral college, swing states matter. States where both left wing and right wing ideologies are prevalent, this allows candidates to speak to both sides by campaigning in these swing states, and thereby address more diverse groups of people.

The Electoral College is here to protect America's diversity, and the states individualism. The attacks on it are baseless and direct assaults on multiculturalism, which is ironic, since the Left claims to love multiculturalism. The only way to preserve states individualism is to equip people with knowledge of the uses The Electoral College serves. Thank you for reading.