Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alt Right's huge and appalling network

Generally for the right-wing to grow would be cause for celebration, however, not all sects of the right are so pure and upright. One group that chooses to dwell primarily on the internet is the alt right, You probably have heard about them. They are blamed of racism, than mock those that accuse them, very publicly, but the more you go through the dizzying network of alt right websites, the more you find ground for the accusations of racism that any other sect of right wingers would merely be able to laugh off, the insult being merely one of the many flung around freely by the far left.
The Alt Right network is built up of hundreds of sites, and not ones like breitbart, who proclaim themselves to be alt right but have no affiliation whatsoever with the true and original Alt Right. Sites like the daily stormer are the real abysses in which the repulsive Alt Righters sulk about, blaming jews and black people for problems that have no connection to race whatsoever. These are the kinds of site that promote hate towards people like Ben Shapiro. They call themselves right wing, yet eschew Right wing values in favor of blatant racism, "western values" which really are not western values but rather White-superiority values. The Alt right is what the far left view the right as, disgusting, hateful, misogynistic, and all the other buzzwords that the alt-left cull from their sheep like minds in order to fling at the right, when in reality, the right and left should be working together against both the alt left and alt right. To let these groups live is to let cooperative politics die and let rise to a new age of political stagnation and eventual civil war.
When you hear alt right, don't think Milo Yiannopoulos, he doesn't know the alt Right, if he does, and still identifies as alt Right, than he is a disturbing case of a new rise in hatefulness, one that directly target America's youth. The Alt youth.