Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Protests

Protests are fine, in fact Protests are essential to a divided democracy, however, Protests should have class, and they should have a goal. There is one thing that is very clear, if Protesters are saying things that parents wouldn't want their children to hear, first of all, the protesters shouldn't be saying those things, and second of all, the protesters should completely rethink their approach to the art of protest.

I want to make something very clear to all the anti-Trump that want to express their emotions about the trump victory, and please comment if you agree or disagree with this, but when I see a protester waving around a sign that says "F*** Trump" I don't sit there and think, "wow, that's the way to go, now that I see that sign, I think that F*** Trump might just be the way to go!" No! I Think, that person is probably ignorant, they are overly emotional and they don't give me any coherent reason on why I should be F***ing Trump. In fact, when I see signs like that, my first thought is to go against those signs, and that puts me on Trump's side. Protesters that are shouting "F*** Trump" are indeed often pushing people to side with Trump, and I bet if the Mainstream media captured Anti-Trump protests, Trump's favorability would go up. To further the topic of Protesters that have no clear logic or goal, I'd like to bring up children protesters, not protesters of children, that would be pro-choice people, no i'm talking about protesters that are children.
 There is nothing, that makes me more disappointed, angry, and appalled than to see a young kid protesting Trump. First of all, It's a kid, everything they know about Trump is either from their parents, or from their friend's parents, so please, Please, "Go Home, maybe study, maybe start up a talent, But don't go outside and protest something you know less about than Calculus," and in this American education, these kids know very, very little about Calculus, although it's probably mostly their fault when they're too busy thinking about how much they are oppressed so they can't focus on school.
And to be honest, if I see a young protester waving a sign that says "f*** Trump" the first thought that comes into my mind is not how bad of a president trump is, or if he is a bad president, No, my first thought is, why is this kid's parents are letting him/her do something this moronic, give him a timeout, not poster board for some ignorant sign.