Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feelings come before life, the pro choice argument

The pro-life side, the group portrayed as religious bigots by the left, actually happens to be a pretty logical group in general.

There is a science March which is being planned in protest of Trump and Republicans, but it seems science is an arbitrary thing for the left. It turns out that when embryology declared fetuses to be indepent, genetically unique, human beings, it didn't mean much.
Last time I checked, the side that self declared itself the side of reason and science, hint, its the left, also happens to be the one in which many of its adherents go wild when you even consider that perhaps its not a "women's right" to kill another human being, even if that person is inside of them.
To put it lightly. Hypocrites.
I have never heard any arguments from the left other than one, the fetus is not a baby, it's a human, but not a baby, apparently it just pops into the baby form as soon as it pops out od the womb, because you know how great it is to label humans(aka 1800s), and the second argument, its painful for women to carry a baby that they may not want, or that the babies life might be bad, who cares, the baby's life is billions of times more important than anyone's feelings, and yes, the baby's life might be bad, anyone's life can be bad, the baby might also make the next great technological innovation, or become president. There is no argument that can trump the right to life. The right to life comes first...