Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freedom is secondary to Americans

It is commonly percieved by people around the world and within America that nothing trumps freedom in America. We are the country of guns, fast-food, and freedom, we live how we want, and achieve what we put in the effort to achieve. That's a nice thought, a nation founded on liberty and justice for all, or at least when the Republican party finally liberated the slaves, and than when 1964 civil rights act was passed, however, tragically, not many people actually hold freedom in half as high a regard as anyone might think. We put on the facade of freedom loving, gun toting, Americans, but we are not that much different than European or Asian nations. Sure our government is far less restrictive, but it's not what the government has now, but what we are willing to give to the government.
For a nation based on freedom, we should be ashamed that over 40% of our youth are okay with socialism, as a nation based on freedom, we should be ashamed that colleges across the country won't let speakers in purely based on their political views, as a nation based on freedom we should be ashamed a self-professed socialist even got close to winning a major party's nomination. Don't mistake America for an unbreakable bastion of freedom, we are all too willing to give our freedom up in favor of free handouts. We are willing to give up semi-automatic rifles, at least many of us are, because somehow that will curb violence when in fact semi-automatic rifles kill barely anyone each year compared with either knifes, fists, or handguns. Ronald Reagan said that "Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction." If half our nation is willing to give up rights for free stuff, or in response to "terrorism threats", we are no better than Europe. When the information about the NSA spying on us came out. It should of blown up and never stopped being an issue. The fact is that the major national security threat is not potential terrorist activities that the NSA must spy on us for, the major national security threat is the fact that the NSA illegally spied on us, and than when we learned about it, we stopped caring in less than a month.
Freedom is not immortal, Americans are willing to sacrifice freedom on the altar of big government without any remorse. The government has no right whatsoever to monitor us through the NSA, the government has no right to take away the right of owning semi-automatic rifles, nor any other "assualt rifle", the government has no right to redistribute wealth without the consent of the owner of said wealth, the government is here to protect our rights, not restrict them as it see's fit and the more Americans switch to the mindset that it's okay to restrict rights for the "better good", the closer we come to allowing tyranny into our supposed bastion of liberty and justice