Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dems push back to Neil Gorsuch

On tuesday Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch as a supreme Court justice. As expected, Dems pushed back quickly. Nancy Pelosi attacked this decision calling it "well outside the mainstream of American legal thought" and other Dems commented on the choice calling it "intolerable". Interestingly, simply looking into Neil Gorsuch, we see that he is a traditionalist, is that bad? No, what that means is that he interprets the constitution as it was originally written, it means he believes humans lives are important, and that the second amendment is not around to be toyed with by people who seem to think that the "Right to bear arms shall not be infringed" is somehow metaphorical and up to free interpretation. Basically what the Dems are saying is our founding fathers wrote an intolerable document that is outside of the American mainstream to interpret it's meaning that it truly holds in reality. Do you think that traditional views of the constitution are accurate, or is the constitution living and adaptive, comment below.