Thursday, February 2, 2017

Holocaust Day, January 27th

On a day when we look back at the terrible tragedies that were inflicted upon the Jewish people, it seems only right to look at how far we have come from the days of the holocaust. It seems only right to look at what goes on the world, and bring the gavel of justice down upon the Anti-Semitism that remains undisturbed. It seems only right to condemn Obama`s treatment of Israel, His act of abstaining from a UN vote, or his acts of sending billions to the Palestinian government, including 221 million on his last day in office, when he knows full well that none of the money he sends will go to the people, It seems only right to Condemn the EU when it failed to condemn SIXTEEN NATIONS who all ban Israeli Jews from entering their countries, Where are the protesters!
Where Are the Protesters. Where are the leftists who are out there protesting the Jewish bans that are so prevalent in the middle east instead of painting a moratorium of 90 days on seven countries as if it is the end of American democracy and an act of evil xenophobia.This site was not up on the 27th of January, and so I write this today to tell the world, Right Lens News Stands with Israel. Right Lens News stands against anti-semitism, and Right Lens News stands against any politician or globalist regime that attempts to ignore the blatant hatred that is spewed at the Jewish people by many nations around the world.

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