Thursday, February 2, 2017

Incredible Rasmussen Poll "Is America moving in the right direction?"

As of Monday, January 29th, 47% of Americans believe America is headed in the Right Direction, and not Right as in Right wing, as in, the correct direction (I guess they are synonymous anyways.) This 47% is tied with the other group who disagree, and then 6% remain undecided.
This is incredible because the last time Americans were evenly split on whether America was moving in the right direction was in 2009, according to The RealClearPolitics Average which had America split at 45.8 to 45.8. Since then, Americans have strongly believed America was moving in the wrong direction, by huge margins in the double digits.
Like Trump or hate him, it's clear that a large amount of Americans like what he's doing, even if they don't like him.
What about you, do you feel the country is going in the Right direction, or is it going in the Wrong direction?