Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kim on The attack?

As you may have heard, Kim Jong Un's brother, Kim John Nam, died in Malaysia yesterday, and while there is no evidence to give the means of finding the culprit in this case that appears to be the work of murder, some speculate the cause was poison, the main suspect is North Korea.
Knowing Kim Jong Un's extreme protective nature towards his power, it seems obvious someone else that seems powerful in North Korean society would seem a threat, but Kim Jong Nam posed little threat. He had been removed from any prospect of grasping power when he was caught going to Disneyland in Tokyo with a fake passport. However, he was not fully safe from Kim Jong Un's wrath, he had admitted to disagreeing with the hereditary transition of power which would be a very dangerous statement to make in North Korea. However, Nam did not live in North Korea and was no real threat to power.
My theory to this case is that Kim Jong Un ordered Nam's death in order to add leverage to his own nefarious plans. I think we can expect to see a teary eyed Kim on North Korean state TV, mouring his lost half brother and then call to find the murderer, and have his revenge. I believe this is Kim Jong Un's way of pushing North Korea into a new war with whoever he chooses to blame for the murder of his half brother.
Does this seem likely, comment on whether you think this seems possible, or if it's just a conspiracy theory.