Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Narcissism and Fragility

Recent studies have shown that all generations agree, Millennials are the most narcissistic generation yet. But strangely, while Millennials admit that their generation is Narcissistic, they are also the least likely to call themselves or their generation narcissistic. This is according to a study by a Huffington post, generally I wouldn't use that, but this study seems self evident. What I found most pathetic about this was not the fact that millennials are narcissistic, we all know just about 1 in 2 millennials are spoiled brats that can't listen to any viewpoint but their own, the thing I found troubling is that the Scientists involved in this case argued that we shouldn't label Millennials narcissistic because it could be hurtful and damage their mental health.

Basically what this means is we should ignore the facts in order to keep millennials in their safe spaces and echo chambers because reality would hurt to bad for the precious little snowflakes. I feel it to be necessary that all people face reality. This sort of echo chamber in which we tell our youth only what they want to hear is what fosters abhorrent beliefs like the idea that somehow socialism is moral, the idea that it is morally acceptable to use force through the government to steal someone's income and than give it to someone else without consent. This isn't Robin Hood, and stealing is not okay.

We need to tell Millennials the truth, they need to stop being spoiled and start being prepared for real life. These are kids that have no respect for authority, no respect for nation, no respect for elders, and no respect for working. These kids are the next to take the steering wheel and right now, they couldn't pass a driver's test in a thousand years.