Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New York to Immortalize Mass murder

Andrew Cuamo, Governor of the state of new York is calling for Abortion rights to be placed in the state constitution in order to prevent any restrictions on the right to kill the humans that have not yet reached the age at which pro choice advocates choose to define a human as being indeed human.
This effort is being applauded by the left as a great push to fight the deplorable republicans who want to stop a mass murder, how dare they. I guess the act of fighting mass murder or discrimination is a foriegn concept. And the word foriegn brings me to my next point, Dems want to push for immigration at all cost, including places with known terrorist activity and don't get me wrong, I'm all for immigration, I am merely pointing out the utter hypocricy in the fact the Dems want immigrants to come to America but they want it legal to ban babies from immigrating out of their mother's wombs.
If this addition to the new York constitution to protect abortion, even if roe V wade is overturned, is passed, America will have successfully continued it's appalling human rights offences.