Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pence attacked for appreciating 13th amendment

Vice president Mike Pence released a statement celebrating black history month by thanking Abraham Lincoln for the thirteenth amendment. Now, I can see how this could be construed as somewhat odd, but it is undebatable that the thirteenth amendment may have been the most significant stride forward for black people In America. Yet people are attacking Pence for bringing up the amendment that you know, ended slavery! TheRoot did a hilariously hypocritical job of this task that the left seems duty-bound to fulfill, attack Trump and Pence on literally anything, in fact, if Trump cured cancer, the left would find a way to portray it as racist or sexist in some manner, maybe Trump would say America's government will only pay for cancer treatment of americans and Trump would be called genocidal, xenophobic, and racist, they would probably sneak a little islamaphobia in there as well. But back to the point, TheRoot published an article hitting Pence for this celebration of the end of slavery, But when Trump held a conference with only black people, they said Trump was trying to be to black. They wont let trump win any scenario, no matter how good trump does, which is funny because Trump always wins. The problem I have with all of this is just how much Black History month is focused on the amount of melanin in our skin, there should be nothing the government does for one race that it won't do for another, id you are going to celebrate one race, you must celebrate all of them, as the government you are to be non-discriminatory, you treat each citizen equally. The government shouldnt be throwing holidays that affext one race anyways, The government should be finding a way to maximize efficiency, not dedicate a month to a group of people that dont actually hold a connection to each other, and are not defined by their skin. It's actually by definition to celebrate black history, the definition of celebrating a month where you may only give thanks for a people of one race is actually racist because it means other great civil rights leaders may be disqualified merely because they are not black. Look at people's achievements and their impacts on others, not people's race. Do you agree with me, or do you disagree, comment below.