Monday, February 6, 2017

Short: French Elections

The French elections are currently in full swing. The Elections in France are highly different than in America. There are two rounds, the first round is meant to pick out two candidates to move on. Currently it appears that it will either be Marine Le Pen and Francois Fillon, or Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. All of whom are hovering at low to high twenties in the polls. Once two of them move on, it comes down to who wins the second round, and he/she will be the President of France.

Marine Le Pen is the Candidate for the National Front, a far right authoritarian party which places itself against heavy immigration, and against the euro and european project, as well as taking a strong stance against globalism. From the get go this may sound like Trump, and I believe that many french people who are enamoured by a sense of nationalism, fail to see that while Marine Le Pen may be playing the fiddle of Nationalism like Mozart, She isn't as Anti-Establishment as she would have herself seem. Sure, she is anti the current establishment, but the fact is, Marine Le Pen is a National Socialist. A socialist can't exist without a powerful Government Establishment. The French people may be fooled by her anti-establishment front, but She will merely replace the current establishment with a far more powerful one. That's not necessarily bad if you enjoy governments taking your freedoms, but I suggest to any libertarian French people, Marine Le Pen should not be your choice.

Francois Fillon is a member of the Republicans. He is Center Right Politician who appears to be set in the establishment. Currently he appears to be the leader, While polls show that Marine Le Pen holds a steady lead in the first round, her extremist tactics will be little use against a more moderate opponent who can capture some of the right as well as the left when just the two of them, Fillon, and Le Pen, are pitted against each other. He had led in round one until mid January, however a scandal with his wife put him down a couple points. He appears to have a good chance of winning the second round if he moves on, but it's not guaranteed, Trump was a surprise, Brexit was a surprise, The Patriots shouldn't have been a surprise but ended up being quite a big one, Le Pen is by no means out of it.

Emmanuel Macron is hovering in second place currently but gaining steam, He is a strong competitor for the presidency due to his status as being an independent who claims to not be Right or Left. He takes after Le Pen in a variety of her anti-establishment, and anti europe ways, but he also is much more moderate and appears to have a much better chance of winning the presidency than either Fillon or Le Pen. He is a former member of the Socialist party but during his tenure, he implemented business friendly bills which seems not very socialist like.

These are the three Front Runners in the French Elections. The Round one Candidates will be selected on the 23rd of April, while the Decision for President will be on the 7th of may.