Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Alt Right`s Flag Ship

The Daily Stormer is easily the Flagship site of the Alt right. Thousands if not millions go on the site weekly to devour the news that the Daily Stormer offers. Sounds like any other successful news site, right?

Well, most news sites don't call black people "negroids" or other foul words, most sites don't have news about Jews trying to rule the world, Most sites are not completely filled with filth like the Daily Stormer. Sure it is their right to write what they want, but the fact so many people go on to get their news from a site like this! The Daily Stormer is the Alt-Right reality, and many of us Right wingers don't want to face the fact that there is thousands or millions of people among us, who call themselves Right wing, but then adhere to an ideology so buried in falsehoods and racial identity, as to verify some of the left's claims.

Do not be tricked, the Alt-right is not the Alternative Right, it is the Alt-Reich, there is no resemblance to any Right wing values whatsoever. Where does freedom of business go, out the door when any business disagrees with Trump, Where does Freedom of speech go, Out the door when you are not white. The Alt Right is not what people like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos would have you think it is, and perhaps they don't truly know what it is.

We complain about the whining snowflakes of the left, and there sure is a blizzard of them, but what about the Snowflakes on the alt-right, you know, the really white snowflakes. Discard the Alt-Right from any connection to the True Right, they are not conservative, they are not Classic Liberals, they are Authoritarian fools who only give the True Right a bad name.