Monday, February 6, 2017

The Myth of Liberal Tolerance

There is a common myth that floats around that Liberals are all inclusive and fully tolerant. They are like the Jesus of modern day society, which is ironic because many of them don't believe in Jesus. The Facts are plain and simple. In almost every metric of tolerance, Liberals are found lacking compared to their conservative counterparts, except for racism where they are about tied in negative views towards certain ethnicities, All of which are tiny percentages of negativity, it turns out America is not as Racist as groups like Black lives Matter, and Antifa would have you believe.

Here is a show of the Overwhelming liberal tolerance.

According to Public Religion Research Institute, Democrats are almost three times more likely to unfriend someone because of their political views than republicans.(24-9%) While the gap between liberals and conservatives is larger, nearly 4 times, (28%-8%.) At least on social media, there is a large lack of tolerance as of now. Apparently the Democrat women are the ones skewing it, while only 14% of Democrat men have unfriended people because of political views, 30% of Democrat women have. This is compared to 8% of Republican men, and 10% of Republican women.

As well, off of social media, Pew Research Center tells us that about 60% of Hillary Voters find it hard to respect Trump voters, while 56% of Trump voters have no problem with Hillary supporters.

When it comes to Religion as well, Republicans are remarkably less discriminatory than Democrats. According to a Gallup Poll,

(percentages are the amount of a group that view a certain religious group positively)

70% of Republicans view the jewish people positively, only 51% of Democrats view them positively (+19 Republicans),

68% of Republicans view Catholics positively, compared with 51% of Democrats(+17 Republicans).

Methodists, Republicans 67%, Democrats 51% (+16 Republicans)

Baptists, Republicans 70%, Democrats 47%, (+23 Republicans)

Mormons, Republicans 34%, Democrats 26% (+8 Republicans

Muslims, Republicans 27%, Democrats 27% (tied)

Evangelical Christians, Republicans 63%, Democrats 31% (+32 Republicans)

Fundamentalist Christians, Republicans 50%. Democrats 24% (+26 Republicans)

Atheists, Republicans 9%, Democrats 20% (+11 Democrats)

Scientologists, Republicans 9%, Democrats 11% (+2 Democrats)

And in every one of those Groups where Republicans lead in positivity towards a certain Religious group, Democrats lead in Negativity towards that group. In fact the only groups in which there is more Democrat Positivity towards are Atheists and Scientologists. Democrats are vastly less favorable towards a majority of the American people than Republicans.

When it Comes to Racism, studies by FiveThirtyEight show that Republicans and Democrats are about equal on negative views towards Black people, with Democrats actually leading most categories until Obama was elected, where then most polls tipped slightly in Democrats favor, or about tied.

The Fact is that Democrats which are the main voting block for liberals, are vastly more intolerant than Republicans.
When it Comes down to it, Both Parties are about tied in Racism, but when it comes to Religion, Republicans are vastly more tolerant, and when it comes to intellectual Tolerance, once again, Republicans are vastly more tolerant.

In the spirit of Mythbusters, is The Myth of Liberals being more tolerant confirmed or busted?