Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The True Right

What is the True Right. What distinguishes it from the rest? There are varying definitions of right and left, For instance in Europe, it may merely mean Traditionalism vs Liberalism, while in America it may mean freedom of business vs government control,  But what is one definition we can all wrap our heads around, The size of government. The farther right, the smaller the government, the farther left the larger. This is the definition I use when I say the True Right. I mean the Right wing that considers a Small Government to be superior, A right wing that says "let the people do as they wish as long as they don't hurt others." This is the True Right.

The True Right is the Libertarian Right, Freedom of Business, and Freedom of Social activity. Yes, there can never be full anarchist freedom, that would be detrimental, Monopolies, and crime would run rampant, but is there a place right next to that, A place that does not punish hard work with crippling taxes, and a place that does not crush business with stifling regulations. And that place, which is the closest to a utopia that mankind can come, is the True Right. Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Crony Capitalism, or communism, None of these can come close to the benefits of the True, Capitalist, Libertarian, Right.

The True Right is the most perfect form of ideology and the only thing that can crush the True Right, is apathetic greed, the kinds that breeds socialists. In fact every sect of the right is under constant attack by greed. The Right`s form of greed is the kind that creates the next iphone, the left`s kind of greed is the kind that raises taxes just to pay for more welfare.