Monday, February 6, 2017

Trump may have enemies, but he has very strong supporters

When Obama was president, the percentage of people who thought the country was going in the Right Direction languished at a lousy 20-30%, Trump has swooped in and carried that to dizzying heights of 45+ according to Rasmussen Polling, and he has held it steady at around 47%, which is a 12 year high. The Fact is, our last couple of presidents have not been very popular, it's common to hear good news about Obama, but the fact is that his average approval rating was merely 47.9%, of course he hit highs at the end of his two terms when he went through a second honeymoon period and voters became sad to see the charismatic young president leave, but the fact is, a very small portion of the country actually thought Obama was making the country better. Obama's bouncy approval rating numbers were proof of that, his supporters saw his mistakes and flaws.
Trumps Supporters are different. Trump was carried to the finish line by a mighty armada of Trump supporters who endured the usually shipwrecking waves of scandal and saw Trump's inadequacies, but also saw his potential. Trump supporters are not like supporters of a normal establishment candidate, an establishment candidate must play by the rules, and do well. Trump has not come to play by the rules, but to break the rules and then burn them. Trump is riding on a wave of anti-establishment Patriots that are tired of the same old politicians doing the same old things without a care in the world for the average American. And the Fact is, unless Trump becomes an establishment player and is exposed, he will maintain these ultra high percentages of people that believe the country is headed in the direction.
One major difference between Trump and Obama is this. Obama supporters who approved of Obama did not necessarily like the direction the country is going, they just liked Obama because he was a charismatic, likable man, It was quite obvious that when Obama's Approval ratings were at 40+ but the percentage of people that thought the country was going in the right direction were below 30, that something wasn't clicking . But now we have a president where almost everyone who approves of him, also thinks the country is heading in the right direction, People are no longer approving of Trump because he is likeable, People approve of Trump because all that he stands for, and all that he brings is to their liking.

Obama had admirers, Trump has followers.