Thursday, March 9, 2017

Establishment Lies

Both Parties, Republicans, and Democrats, have highly different beliefs. The Republicans are All about small government, the Democrats, not so much. The Republicans Are all about Free Market, the Democrats, not so much. The Democrats are all about Welfare, the Republicans not so much. The Democrats are all about health care, the Republicans not so much.

Just about every American knows this, It seems to be merely common sense that the Parties are different. However, this raises the question, Why is it that if each Party is so firm in its beliefs, why do both of them omit the truth on just about everything, why do many Republicans attack Large Government while at the same time purposefully expanding Government, why do Democrats portray themselves as the Party of Peace, yet Obama got America involved in more conflict, not less. Neither Party tells the truth. The facts are quite clear, both parties are nearly the same, They expand Government, encroach on Liberty, involve America in conflict regardless of American opinions on the matter, And they both Lie the whole time. Obama was supposedly a great Peacemaker, he won the Nobel Peace Prize, although I hardly think the thousands victims of countless Drone strikes would agree with that award. And what about the Republican majority, After years of Democratic control and growing Government, the Republicans sweep the house and senate, and what do we get, More government growth.

The Fact is both Parties, regardless of their stated beliefs and values remain part of the Establishment political groups, they both seek to gain greater control over American lives, whether by the Patriot act, or forcing Gun Owners to register with the government, The Parties eschew their stated goals in favor of a statist future.

Sure, One can support the values of a Party, and identify with it, and sure, some politicians are genuinely good people, however, it would be foolish to deny the existence of Establishment politics. Trump was opposed by the Republicans, and perhaps the Republican party, for sake of its Public image, didn't give the same amount of pushback as the Democrat party did with Bernie, but the fact is that it is clear and available to all those who would seek the obvious, that the Parties both despise outsiders. The Democrat Party colluded behind Hillary, despite how deceitful and distasteful she was, Reality is that the Democrat Party colluded behind Hillary, fed questions to her before debates, purposefully opposed Bernie, and threw a rigged system of Superdelegates at Hillary's feet. The Republican Party Establishment resisted Trump as well, Cruz and Kasich tried to work together, Debates focused entirely on the Establishment versus Trump, and the party clearly attempted to disown him at many points.

I personally am amazed. The American people watched Bernie be completely screwed over by the DNC and instead of outrage exploding against the Democrat Party, the whole incident blew over in a couple of weeks, if not days. This should still be making the news, the Establishment purposefully ensured that a Candidate could not win solely due to them not being a member of the elitist politician and entertainment class.

And what about the joint congress, the American people should be rallying daily with rightful rage against the NSA and CIA purposefully spying on our private lives. That is a direct assault on our constitutional rights, and yet somehow the Republican Party, and Democrat Party, that both would surely consider themselves champions of liberty and freedom, seem completely okay with the Constitution being ripped up and burned before their eyes, the same eyes that looked into the crowds of Americans as they gave speeches proclaiming themselves as the champions of the American Dream, the restorers of liberty, and strict adherents to the Constitution.

Very few politicians can boast that their actions match their words. Americans have a right to be outraged, for many decades, Politicians have played a game in which they attempt to tell Americans what they want to hear most, only to go into office and go about decimating every promise they make. America has to respond to the Elitist class, it happened once with the election of Trump, yet the fact remains, Congress approval ratings are at an all time low, yet continually the same senators and Representatives are elected again and again. America should turn to those unaffected by establishment politics, those who are not chained down by an oppressive statist group think that dominates both parties. People Like Trump, and even Bernie(despite my disagreements with him), are what America Needs, not necessarily their mindsets, in fact, hopefully not their mindsets, but solely the fact that they are outsiders is why America is in such sore need of people like them. It's time Americans show the Parties that they don't have a monopoly over American life, the 2018 Midterms are coming up, it's time to vote outsider.