Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Alt Knight Rises

Antifa has emerged from the shadowy fringes of the authoritarian left, and with it, political violence has surged. Events such as Marches for Trump in places like Berkeley California have been marred by the characteristic violent aggression that defines Antifa. People have been attacked by groups and beaten, elderly people have been pepper sprayed, and women have been harrassed physically harmed. Clearly retaliation was bound to happen, one does not poke the bear and not expect anything to happen. One Texan chose to rise up, he strapped on his helmet, embroidered his shield with the flag, and bought himself a long wooden rod and stuck a flag on it, then he went to meet antifa.
After going to a rally at Berkeley and watching Trump supporters get attacked by the authoritarian left, The Alt Knight was born. In defense of a Trump supporter who was being beaten by Antifa terrorists, The Alt Knight walloped one of the would be attackers on the head, quickly ending the scuffle and sending Antifa packing. This act of defense has quickly rocketed this young Texan to fame, and generated countless YouTube videos, as well as dominating the alt-right meme scene. 
While there is no evidence to lend to the given title of Alt-knight, it is clear that whether Kyle Chapman(The Alt Knight), is alt right or not, he clearly is tired of the violence being displayed towards generally peaceful Trump Supporters.
One clear difference between the to sides is evidenced by the behaviour of the Alt-Knight versus that if Antifa, Antifa consistently goes to Trump rallies with the purpose of violent confrontations, The Alt Knight has yet to engage without being provoked. Through all confrontations known in which the Alt Knight was engaged, he never joined into the battle except to defend others from Antifa. This should serve as a message to the entire Right, While Violence is wrong in most all circumstances, The right should never provoke fights, the media is mainly dominated by the left, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CNBC all lean left, and will certainly leap on the opportunity to decry any aggression perpetrated by the Right Wing.
So with that in mind, It seems appropriate to consider The Alt-Knight as a dangerous addition to the Right Wing, and perhaps a highly symbolic member of the Right who may be the spark that leads to a massive fire. Clearly The Alt-Knight hitting a man's head with a stick is probably not good publicity when keeping moderates and leftists views in mind, but what's worse is the fact that this inspires many Alt-Righters. Clearly with the Alt-Knights popularity exploding, others will try to mimick him, a new sort of vigilante force is certain to come from this as Alt-Righters attempt to mimick their Texan Hero. If there is one thing you get from this, I Implore you to recognize that while the Alt-Knight may be pretty awesome, to follow his way of using force to defend may be gunpowder waiting to explode. The alt-right and right deplore Richard Spencer being punched since both the Right, and alt-right tend to strongly disagree with using force to counter verbal attacks, yet when the Alt-Knights use of Force is normalized, its not long before someone gets triggered and decides to attack. Both the left and right shouls be trying to lower Violence, not celebrate it.