Friday, May 5, 2017

Losing faith in Humanity's logic

In this article, we will run through multiple surveys, look at the responses, and just wonder how asinine people can be.

First stop, A poll by gallup on American views towards Socialism
This one has a lot of asininity to go through, Be prepared to lose all faith in People's ability to know simple words and their meaning.

95% of Americans have a positive view of Small Business, versus 4% of Americans having negative views, and presumably 1% had no idea what business was.
However, only 86% of Americans had positive views of Free Enterprise, and only 84% had Positive views on entrepreneurs.

There are two crossovers here, One is that somewhere out there,  a fairly large group of people, around 10% of Americans are thinking to themselves, "I really Like Small Business, But entrepreneurs, we could do without them." I question where they think those small Businesses are coming from, if not from entrepreneurs, whose starting them? Are employers just getting hired by nameless, non-existent entities? That's minorly pathetic, but it becomes even more incredible when you realize, about 8% of Americans are pro-Small Business, but anti-Free enterprise. Presumably, they would like partially free-enterprise, or perhaps no enterprise at all, but anyone with any logic would realize, it is remarkably difficult to own a business when you don't have the ability to freely produce and sell goods. What even more remarkable is the fact so many people are anti-large business. 49%, which begs the question, if so many people are Pro-Small business, and 8% of Americans are anti-Free enterprise, who do they think halting free enterprise will help? I would presume someone who is anti-Free enterprise would be anti-big business, but they have to understand, if they are pro-small business, Small businesses always get hit harder, will less free enterprise eventually start to kill big business, of course, but it will decapitate small business in a split second.

The Next issue in this poll is really the incredible one. Liberals, oh the all knowing self-identified liberals! Happily, 97% are pro-Small business, Hallelujah, 87% are pro-free enterprise, Praise the lord, 84% are pro-Entrepreneur, YES! 61% are in favor of socialism... Wait, hold up. What on earth...
Free enterprise: An economic and Political doctrine holding that a capitalist economy can regulate itself in a freely competitive market through the relationship of supply and demand with a minimum of governmental intervention and regulation.
Socialism: any of the various economic and political theories advocating for collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
-Dictionary Socialism definition

Did any of these self-Identified liberals, ever stop and think to themselves, hmm, being pro- Freedom from governmental intervention and pro- Government intervention, is somewhat self contradictory?

Now time to look at utter ignorance from our favorite generation, Millennials!
According to a You-Gov poll when asked whether more people died under George W. Bush or Stalin, 26% of millennial said more people died under George W. Bush. Incredibly, it appears despite Education being Compulsory, People are still morons!

Next, Millennials were asked who killed more people, Hitler or Stalin. 68% of people said Hitler which means 68% of those respondents were historically ignorant but at least they are more forgivable than the utter morons who thought George W. Bush killed more people than the Communist dictator Stalin, Depending on what you link to Stalin, we can link between 3 million, to 60 million deaths to Stalin, although his policies can be directly linked to the entire 60 million deaths in question.

This next bit is particularly disturbing, 70% of Millennials promptly state, Communism was and still is a problem, Problem, I would assume, means they think communism is bad. Then these Millennials rush onwards and answer all the next question exactly as a communist would, 64% were favorable towards the idea of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

Incredible Knowledge of our nation's dearest document
Not only do Americans have trouble stating basic historical facts, 39% of Americans could not tell you a single example of a freedom granted by the first amendment.
And according to the Annenberg Public policy center, only a third of Americans could name all three branches of government, another third could not name any of them.
If you ever wonder why the Patriot act passed, just look to these surveys, You saw people yammering on about how they worried Trump would be a tyrant or fascist. Well, in order to be either of those things, Trump would have to override the constitution, it turns out, he could do so and most people wouldn't know anyways. This is exactly why things like the FBI and NSA spying on everyday americans blew up for a couple weeks and now we barely talk about them, Americans have to know their fundamental rights or else the government will run over them like a steam engine.

In a nutshell, Go tell your friends some basic facts, because chances are, they don't know any.