Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Democrat Party still exists?

If there is one thing from the 2016 election that has been ignored way too much, it would be the Democrat party's conduct during the Primaries. Let's not forget that Dona Brazile was feeding Hillary questions before the debates, let's not forget that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was as far from impartial as humanly possible, actually favoring negative pieces about Bernie Sanders being put out. The DNC had unfairly colluded to ensure that Bernie supporters wouldn't have a say, and to ensure that Hillary would be the nominee.
Let's just imagine the outrage that would blow up all over the media and throughout Trump supporters if the Republican party had been feeding Ted Cruz questions before debates and trying to push him to victory over outsider Donald Trump.
This is the hallmarks of an elitist party, a party that is willing to cheat it's own base in order to get what it wants does not deserve either a base or what it wants. This is still news, even if Rightlens has to make it news, The democrat party cheated against a candidate. Was it legal, yes, however it was as far from the democratic process as one can get. The fact that Bernie supporters have just for the most part quieted down about this is astounding to me, for many, it appears that they are more concerned with what they see as the greater threat of Donald Trump, to worry about their own party abandoning them, and then jumping up and down on their candidate of choice like a trampoline.
If there ever was a call for third parties to take the place of the corrupt main parties, now is the time. There has never been such solid evidence that only Washington insiders get what they want in the elitist democrat party, and while this may very well be how it is in the Republican party, we have solid evidence all weighing against the Democrats. It would be inconceivable that the Libertarians or Greens are more corrupt than the Dems, and if so maybe it's time that both Republicans and Democrats start considering other parties. To stick to your own beliefs is more important than sticking to your own party, and surely many Republicans are more alligned with the libertarians than the Republican party now, and many Dems are probably better alligned with the Green party or Libertarian Party. The problem is that both parties are to afraid of the third parties. They throw the balance, but in an election where two major outsiders almost, or did win their primaries, both calling for fundamental change, I fail to see how third parties mixing things up would be a problem. What better way to get back at the elitist Washington insiders then by bringing in a new age of politics where the insiders are outdated.