Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Protests

Protests are fine, in fact Protests are essential to a divided democracy, however, Protests should have class, and they should have a goal. There is one thing that is very clear, if Protesters are saying things that parents wouldn't want their children to hear, first of all, the protesters shouldn't be saying those things, and second of all, the protesters should completely rethink their approach to the art of protest.

I want to make something very clear to all the anti-Trump that want to express their emotions about the trump victory, and please comment if you agree or disagree with this, but when I see a protester waving around a sign that says "F*** Trump" I don't sit there and think, "wow, that's the way to go, now that I see that sign, I think that F*** Trump might just be the way to go!" No! I Think, that person is probably ignorant, they are overly emotional and they don't give me any coherent reason on why I should be F***ing Trump. In fact, when I see signs like that, my first thought is to go against those signs, and that puts me on Trump's side. Protesters that are shouting "F*** Trump" are indeed often pushing people to side with Trump, and I bet if the Mainstream media captured Anti-Trump protests, Trump's favorability would go up. To further the topic of Protesters that have no clear logic or goal, I'd like to bring up children protesters, not protesters of children, that would be pro-choice people, no i'm talking about protesters that are children.
 There is nothing, that makes me more disappointed, angry, and appalled than to see a young kid protesting Trump. First of all, It's a kid, everything they know about Trump is either from their parents, or from their friend's parents, so please, Please, "Go Home, maybe study, maybe start up a talent, But don't go outside and protest something you know less about than Calculus," and in this American education, these kids know very, very little about Calculus, although it's probably mostly their fault when they're too busy thinking about how much they are oppressed so they can't focus on school.
And to be honest, if I see a young protester waving a sign that says "f*** Trump" the first thought that comes into my mind is not how bad of a president trump is, or if he is a bad president, No, my first thought is, why is this kid's parents are letting him/her do something this moronic, give him a timeout, not poster board for some ignorant sign.

The True Right

What is the True Right. What distinguishes it from the rest? There are varying definitions of right and left, For instance in Europe, it may merely mean Traditionalism vs Liberalism, while in America it may mean freedom of business vs government control,  But what is one definition we can all wrap our heads around, The size of government. The farther right, the smaller the government, the farther left the larger. This is the definition I use when I say the True Right. I mean the Right wing that considers a Small Government to be superior, A right wing that says "let the people do as they wish as long as they don't hurt others." This is the True Right.

The True Right is the Libertarian Right, Freedom of Business, and Freedom of Social activity. Yes, there can never be full anarchist freedom, that would be detrimental, Monopolies, and crime would run rampant, but is there a place right next to that, A place that does not punish hard work with crippling taxes, and a place that does not crush business with stifling regulations. And that place, which is the closest to a utopia that mankind can come, is the True Right. Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Crony Capitalism, or communism, None of these can come close to the benefits of the True, Capitalist, Libertarian, Right.

The True Right is the most perfect form of ideology and the only thing that can crush the True Right, is apathetic greed, the kinds that breeds socialists. In fact every sect of the right is under constant attack by greed. The Right`s form of greed is the kind that creates the next iphone, the left`s kind of greed is the kind that raises taxes just to pay for more welfare.

The Alt Right`s Flag Ship

The Daily Stormer is easily the Flagship site of the Alt right. Thousands if not millions go on the site weekly to devour the news that the Daily Stormer offers. Sounds like any other successful news site, right?

Well, most news sites don't call black people "negroids" or other foul words, most sites don't have news about Jews trying to rule the world, Most sites are not completely filled with filth like the Daily Stormer. Sure it is their right to write what they want, but the fact so many people go on to get their news from a site like this! The Daily Stormer is the Alt-Right reality, and many of us Right wingers don't want to face the fact that there is thousands or millions of people among us, who call themselves Right wing, but then adhere to an ideology so buried in falsehoods and racial identity, as to verify some of the left's claims.

Do not be tricked, the Alt-right is not the Alternative Right, it is the Alt-Reich, there is no resemblance to any Right wing values whatsoever. Where does freedom of business go, out the door when any business disagrees with Trump, Where does Freedom of speech go, Out the door when you are not white. The Alt Right is not what people like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos would have you think it is, and perhaps they don't truly know what it is.

We complain about the whining snowflakes of the left, and there sure is a blizzard of them, but what about the Snowflakes on the alt-right, you know, the really white snowflakes. Discard the Alt-Right from any connection to the True Right, they are not conservative, they are not Classic Liberals, they are Authoritarian fools who only give the True Right a bad name.

New York to Immortalize Mass murder

Andrew Cuamo, Governor of the state of new York is calling for Abortion rights to be placed in the state constitution in order to prevent any restrictions on the right to kill the humans that have not yet reached the age at which pro choice advocates choose to define a human as being indeed human.
This effort is being applauded by the left as a great push to fight the deplorable republicans who want to stop a mass murder, how dare they. I guess the act of fighting mass murder or discrimination is a foriegn concept. And the word foriegn brings me to my next point, Dems want to push for immigration at all cost, including places with known terrorist activity and don't get me wrong, I'm all for immigration, I am merely pointing out the utter hypocricy in the fact the Dems want immigrants to come to America but they want it legal to ban babies from immigrating out of their mother's wombs.
If this addition to the new York constitution to protect abortion, even if roe V wade is overturned, is passed, America will have successfully continued it's appalling human rights offences.

Feelings come before life, the pro choice argument

The pro-life side, the group portrayed as religious bigots by the left, actually happens to be a pretty logical group in general.

There is a science March which is being planned in protest of Trump and Republicans, but it seems science is an arbitrary thing for the left. It turns out that when embryology declared fetuses to be indepent, genetically unique, human beings, it didn't mean much.
Last time I checked, the side that self declared itself the side of reason and science, hint, its the left, also happens to be the one in which many of its adherents go wild when you even consider that perhaps its not a "women's right" to kill another human being, even if that person is inside of them.
To put it lightly. Hypocrites.
I have never heard any arguments from the left other than one, the fetus is not a baby, it's a human, but not a baby, apparently it just pops into the baby form as soon as it pops out od the womb, because you know how great it is to label humans(aka 1800s), and the second argument, its painful for women to carry a baby that they may not want, or that the babies life might be bad, who cares, the baby's life is billions of times more important than anyone's feelings, and yes, the baby's life might be bad, anyone's life can be bad, the baby might also make the next great technological innovation, or become president. There is no argument that can trump the right to life. The right to life comes first...

Alt Right's huge and appalling network

Generally for the right-wing to grow would be cause for celebration, however, not all sects of the right are so pure and upright. One group that chooses to dwell primarily on the internet is the alt right, You probably have heard about them. They are blamed of racism, than mock those that accuse them, very publicly, but the more you go through the dizzying network of alt right websites, the more you find ground for the accusations of racism that any other sect of right wingers would merely be able to laugh off, the insult being merely one of the many flung around freely by the far left.
The Alt Right network is built up of hundreds of sites, and not ones like breitbart, who proclaim themselves to be alt right but have no affiliation whatsoever with the true and original Alt Right. Sites like the daily stormer are the real abysses in which the repulsive Alt Righters sulk about, blaming jews and black people for problems that have no connection to race whatsoever. These are the kinds of site that promote hate towards people like Ben Shapiro. They call themselves right wing, yet eschew Right wing values in favor of blatant racism, "western values" which really are not western values but rather White-superiority values. The Alt right is what the far left view the right as, disgusting, hateful, misogynistic, and all the other buzzwords that the alt-left cull from their sheep like minds in order to fling at the right, when in reality, the right and left should be working together against both the alt left and alt right. To let these groups live is to let cooperative politics die and let rise to a new age of political stagnation and eventual civil war.
When you hear alt right, don't think Milo Yiannopoulos, he doesn't know the alt Right, if he does, and still identifies as alt Right, than he is a disturbing case of a new rise in hatefulness, one that directly target America's youth. The Alt youth.

A Defense For the Electoral College

For Years, The Left wing has struggled to erode any and all support for the Electoral College. This can be attributed partially to the Population advantage the Democrats have, With 31% of Americans identifying as Democrats and 29% identifying as Republicans. States like California and New York would be far more powerful than they are today, Despite their massive amount of electoral votes, 55, and 29 respectively, they have millions of votes that are essentially useless. A candidate can win a state by one vote, and after that, all the other votes in their favor are useless and just for looks, For instance Trump garnered 4,483,810 Votes in California, Hillary could have won with 4,483,811 votes, but instead she won with 8,753,788 votes, over 4 Million votes that have no effect on who the electoral votes are awarded to. But despite this seemingly unfair method of awarding votes, which is current in almost all states(except for Maine and Nebraska which go by districts,) There are benefits to this method. For instance if we go by popular vote, we must count the votes of someone from Wyoming and California as the same, yet they are not. Someone from Wyoming will have a completely different culture from someone on the west coast, and so the Electoral College takes this into account. The Superior population of California would be insuperable for states like Wyoming, Vermont, or even Ohio, but with the electoral college being based on the number of Representatives plus the two senators from each state, Wyoming can have a proportionally higher level of representation per person, and thus have a say in politics, where as, in a election ran by the popular vote, Wyoming would be worthless, Candidates would ignore it, and the people would feel useless and ignored.
This Is exactly why calls to end the electoral college are disturbing. We see countless news sources bashing it over and over again. for instance, The Washington Post put out an article called "How the electoral college gerrymanders the presidential vote", when in fact the electoral college is purely by state, and so any gerrymandering that was possible would of had to have been established before the state was created, which is unlikely, if not down right false. A important thing to keep in mind when voting is that you are not voting directly for your candidate, when you are voting, you are telling your state "I want you(the state) to cast your votes for this person(your candidate of choice)." America is not simply one nation, but is a bunch of separate states, with separate beliefs and separate cultures, and to mash them together and say they were all one and the same would be down right false, and damaging to america, completely destroying all the say that almost all states inland have. Another statement being pushed by leftwing media is that the electoral college is only around due to slavery, and that was its only use. the times put out an article called "The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Existswhich is obviously an attempt to delegitimize the Electoral College. Was it created to protect slavery, somewhat, but what the Electoral college mainly created for? To protect States individualism and right to have a say in america's elections. Slavery was just one of the topics in which states once felt they needed to have a fair say in, Slavery has been abolished, and is not relevant whatsoever to today's elections, so why is it that suddenly vast numbers of left wing news sources are spouting nonsense about how the electoral college is basically just a symptom of slavery around today. It is to delegitimize the electoral college, and in doing so, de-legitimize Trump's victory. If you can say Trump didn't win fairly, than you don't have to admit he is your president, or won democratically, You can continue to deny him, and call him the loser. The fact is, Trump could have possibly won the popular vote, but the Electoral college pushed him to go to less populous states, where he could win the electoral college votes, For instance, with the electoral college, swing states matter. States where both left wing and right wing ideologies are prevalent, this allows candidates to speak to both sides by campaigning in these swing states, and thereby address more diverse groups of people.

The Electoral College is here to protect America's diversity, and the states individualism. The attacks on it are baseless and direct assaults on multiculturalism, which is ironic, since the Left claims to love multiculturalism. The only way to preserve states individualism is to equip people with knowledge of the uses The Electoral College serves. Thank you for reading.