Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pence attacked for appreciating 13th amendment

Vice president Mike Pence released a statement celebrating black history month by thanking Abraham Lincoln for the thirteenth amendment. Now, I can see how this could be construed as somewhat odd, but it is undebatable that the thirteenth amendment may have been the most significant stride forward for black people In America. Yet people are attacking Pence for bringing up the amendment that you know, ended slavery! TheRoot did a hilariously hypocritical job of this task that the left seems duty-bound to fulfill, attack Trump and Pence on literally anything, in fact, if Trump cured cancer, the left would find a way to portray it as racist or sexist in some manner, maybe Trump would say America's government will only pay for cancer treatment of americans and Trump would be called genocidal, xenophobic, and racist, they would probably sneak a little islamaphobia in there as well. But back to the point, TheRoot published an article hitting Pence for this celebration of the end of slavery, But when Trump held a conference with only black people, they said Trump was trying to be to black. They wont let trump win any scenario, no matter how good trump does, which is funny because Trump always wins. The problem I have with all of this is just how much Black History month is focused on the amount of melanin in our skin, there should be nothing the government does for one race that it won't do for another, id you are going to celebrate one race, you must celebrate all of them, as the government you are to be non-discriminatory, you treat each citizen equally. The government shouldnt be throwing holidays that affext one race anyways, The government should be finding a way to maximize efficiency, not dedicate a month to a group of people that dont actually hold a connection to each other, and are not defined by their skin. It's actually by definition to celebrate black history, the definition of celebrating a month where you may only give thanks for a people of one race is actually racist because it means other great civil rights leaders may be disqualified merely because they are not black. Look at people's achievements and their impacts on others, not people's race. Do you agree with me, or do you disagree, comment below.

Holocaust Day, January 27th

On a day when we look back at the terrible tragedies that were inflicted upon the Jewish people, it seems only right to look at how far we have come from the days of the holocaust. It seems only right to look at what goes on the world, and bring the gavel of justice down upon the Anti-Semitism that remains undisturbed. It seems only right to condemn Obama`s treatment of Israel, His act of abstaining from a UN vote, or his acts of sending billions to the Palestinian government, including 221 million on his last day in office, when he knows full well that none of the money he sends will go to the people, It seems only right to Condemn the EU when it failed to condemn SIXTEEN NATIONS who all ban Israeli Jews from entering their countries, Where are the protesters!
Where Are the Protesters. Where are the leftists who are out there protesting the Jewish bans that are so prevalent in the middle east instead of painting a moratorium of 90 days on seven countries as if it is the end of American democracy and an act of evil xenophobia.This site was not up on the 27th of January, and so I write this today to tell the world, Right Lens News Stands with Israel. Right Lens News stands against anti-semitism, and Right Lens News stands against any politician or globalist regime that attempts to ignore the blatant hatred that is spewed at the Jewish people by many nations around the world.

Do you agree with this, Comment with your thoughts and feeling down below.

Incredible Rasmussen Poll "Is America moving in the right direction?"

As of Monday, January 29th, 47% of Americans believe America is headed in the Right Direction, and not Right as in Right wing, as in, the correct direction (I guess they are synonymous anyways.) This 47% is tied with the other group who disagree, and then 6% remain undecided.
This is incredible because the last time Americans were evenly split on whether America was moving in the right direction was in 2009, according to The RealClearPolitics Average which had America split at 45.8 to 45.8. Since then, Americans have strongly believed America was moving in the wrong direction, by huge margins in the double digits.
Like Trump or hate him, it's clear that a large amount of Americans like what he's doing, even if they don't like him.
What about you, do you feel the country is going in the Right direction, or is it going in the Wrong direction?

Debate: Is Trump Racist

The question is simple. Do you believe Trump is a racist, yes or no?  provide reasoning.

Dems push back to Neil Gorsuch

On tuesday Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch as a supreme Court justice. As expected, Dems pushed back quickly. Nancy Pelosi attacked this decision calling it "well outside the mainstream of American legal thought" and other Dems commented on the choice calling it "intolerable". Interestingly, simply looking into Neil Gorsuch, we see that he is a traditionalist, is that bad? No, what that means is that he interprets the constitution as it was originally written, it means he believes humans lives are important, and that the second amendment is not around to be toyed with by people who seem to think that the "Right to bear arms shall not be infringed" is somehow metaphorical and up to free interpretation. Basically what the Dems are saying is our founding fathers wrote an intolerable document that is outside of the American mainstream to interpret it's meaning that it truly holds in reality. Do you think that traditional views of the constitution are accurate, or is the constitution living and adaptive, comment below.

Debate: Force against "Hate Speech"

Protesters at a Milo Yiannopolous event were able to shut it down through large scale violent protests. They claim Milo employs hate speech and that it must be shut down through force, one protester going as far as to say this sort of violent protests should be "standard practice". Do you agree with violent protests against percieved hate speech or is there a better solution, comment below.

A Course in Persuasion for Dummies

We all have beliefs, and we all want to share those beliefs and have others side with us. How on earth do you do this. You may remember Pathos, Ethos, and Logos, from school. Ethos or credibility, Pathos or emotional connection to your audience, and Logos, also known as Logic. This is something that seems to be lost on society today, People go out with the goal of expressing their distaste for the president and instead of persuading people, they insult the president, and polarize the people. MLK protested by showing the segregationists that yes, we the black people are here, we are not going to go away, and we are not going to stoop to your level. The peaceful protests made the other side look bad by their violent approach, however now, instead of the protesters hoping to show their side as being in the moral high ground, protesters today believe that they have a monopoly on morals and need not prove anything, they are confrontational and obstinate, and this merely leads to more polarization. There is something that you should never do as a protester, and that is to make an offensive assault on someone else's beliefs, it is true that protests are meant to change people's minds, however, this is a gentle task. To persuade someone, you must be slow, steady, and persistent, not rude, pressing, and obscene. To try to rudely force something on someone fosters obstinacy and retaliation. The protesters today are coming at protesting the wrong way, and doing nothing do their cause. They must state a clear goal, not just say F*** Trump, they must have a clear message held by the entire group, and they must be able to back up their statement and goal with logic, The civil rights movements could show that segregation hurts society, calling Trump a facist is unsupportable and unproductive.