Friday, February 3, 2017

Antifa, The Radical Left

A movement in the left has begun to grow like a wildfire, burning through the constitution. In the past couple of years, Dangerous and Violent protests have become commonplace on campuses around America, all targeting anyone whom the Radical Left does not agree with, and many of these protests, rather than fighting ideas, are in hopes of shutting down the events. The Radical Left has convinced itself that things like Safe Spaces and Microaggressions are required, and that anyone who causes Microaggressions is liable to be hit back by Macroaggressions. One such group that ascribes to this regressive ideology is Antifa.

Antifa stands for Anti-Fascist, which is ironic because most of what they are known for is actions akin to Fascism. The atrocious and moronic protests that took place at UC Berkeley have been attributed to the group Antifa, which is known for the black clothing that they don before going out with the single minded goal of crushing Free-Speech.

This group developed around the campus left, and radicalized itself. As things such as Micro Aggressions, and Safe Spaces developed, people who would later become members of the Antifa, evolved alongside them. Safe Spaces were meant as a way to keep people of differing mindsets apart from one another, but in a one sided way. The side that calls for these Safe Spaces, also has the sole power of deciding who receives them, and so Safe Spaces developed as a way to keep members of the far left from having to hear other viewpoints, they became accustomed to not having to face opposition, while the Right did not receive any special treatment, and was in fact the sole victim of many of these wildly anti-intellectualism ideas pushed for by the left. Now, because of the far left becoming so naturalized to this mindset, it is merely second nature to oppose anyone who does not adhere to the strict far left ideology. This is where Microaggressions come into play, as I mentioned before, Microaggressions are retaliated by Macroaggressions, groups such as Antifa believe that to prevent the "Damaging mental effects" of "Prejudice Viewpoints" which are all subjectively seen from only Antifa's side, the only possible retaliation is Macroaggressions, which means that to quell tiny aggressions that are apparently to small to be seen, one must use real force. The Problem with this whole system is that Microaggressions breed sensitivity. When someone ascribes to the belief of Microaggressions, they seeks these invisible aggressions out wherever they are, people become more sensitive and as they become more sensitive, things that may not be offensive at all become offensive in the eyes of someone who only looks for any parcel of offence that can be found in a given statement. This means that it becomes more and more common, as people become sensitive, to meet less and less offensive things with aggression.

When someone convinces themselves that it is somehow their duty to quell hatred, which of course is only what they perceive as hatred, they become radicalized and dangerous. This is why we see College events hosting Right-wing speakers becoming more and more liable to face violent riots from the far left. It is fully in the realm of reason to believe that the Radical-left may kill someone they disagree with, within the decade, and receive majority support for their actions from other members of their coterie. In fact, Antifa is not above threatening children of their opponents, A tweet from one of the Antifa movements said "Some of us know you very personally cass, and know how afraid you can really get, Be careful doll, for your duaghters sake." and that is the quote verbatim. Yes, they misspelled daughter, it's tough to get an education when you're busy remember pronouns of different genders. The Radical-left exists and it is very dangerous. While I believe Trump will be very helpful in opposing this sort of violent anti-constitution movements, It is important that we all know, and reject the philosophy of using force to put down speech that we disagree with. When Political groups go from saying the other side disagrees with us, to the other side is our enemy, Politics becomes dangerous. Antifa is just one such movement that invokes force to shut down free speech.

Here is a petition I signed to label Antifa a Terrorist organization.

Terrorist Definition: "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

Do you agree with Labeling antifa a terrorist group, Comment below.

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