Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Utter ignorance about persecution

When one political side claims to be the shield for the persecuted, it is expected that they understand who is persecuted. Studies have showed consistently that the most persecuted group in the world is Christians with over 90,000 being killed only for their faith in 2016. The main source of christians being persecuted comes from radical Islam in the middle east, yet the Democrats who are the All inclusive, and all tolerant group seem to think facts are overrated in this case, or perhaps they don't know the facts. The majority of Americans believe Christians are worse off in the middle east than Muslim are in America, with 76% of Republicans agreeing, and 64% of unaffiliated people agreeing, which is still remarkably low. It would be better at 100%, But the Dems apparently know better. To the democrat echo chamber, the remarkably racist America is horrid to Muslims, it must be, because with Christians being beheaded in the middle east, their must be a good reason for why 56% of Dems think Muslims are worse off in america than Christians are in the middle east according to a Rasmussen poll.

The fact is that Democrats have become so entangled in their quest for their kind of inclusiveness which excludes intellectual diversity, which is why Dems will fight for privileges for black people, but call a black trump supporter an uncle Tom, they have become so entangled that they will only listen and believe what fits in line with them, and from this ignorance you get people claiming moronic statements like somehow Muslims have it terrible in America, The fact is that America is Remarkably tolerant, which can not be said for the Middle east.


In the words of Sean Spicer, "Coming to America is a privilege, not a right." The Left in its attempt to build a facade of inclusiveness, has become so pro-immigrant that they have started to even portray illegal immigration as an okay thing. Do I want people coming to America, Of course. Do I want illegal immigration, No. Do I want an open border, No. The fact is that it's not racist at all to strengthen borders, it's called protecting a nation. Many liberals claim they will move to Canada because Trump won, I wonder how they will feel when they come to the realization that Canada has many forms of border security and immigration reforms that the left in the USA has been calling racist.
I stand on the Belief, Immigration is good. But it is a Privilege for people to come to the united States, not a right, should we accept refugees, yes, through screening processes. Is it okay to halt immigration from areas, maybe not ethical in all cases, but it is a perfectly acceptable position to take in many cases.