Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Netflix "Dear White People"

Netflix is unveiling a new show that is bound to keep Leftists race baiters glued to the television. "Dear White People" is a new show based on dealing with supposed widespread racism in America, this show is based of a movie from 2014 which was also called "Dear White People."

I don't mind so much that netflix is putting the show up, will I watch it, NO, will I think it's stupid, OF COURSE. But if i'm not forced to watch it, then it has no real importance to me. There is a boycott Netflix movement which is perfectly legitimate, if you don't like something netflix is condoning, go ahead and Boycott, but really grinds my gears is how the left is responding to this Boycott Netflix movement.

Many on the Left have saw this movement and immediately jumped to mocking the Right which so often calls the left "Liberal Snowflakes" which often is an apt term, to the left saying that Right wingers are like snowflakes for acting like this. You know what the right wing is not doing because they don't like a netflix show? They aren't burning stuff in the streets, they are not blocking roadways in massive pointless protests, they are not asking the government to ban netflix. To call for boycotting netflix is not being a Snowflake. What's so nonsensical about this whole debacle is that the left protests things and calls them racist without any evidence, and so many of them are branded snowflakes. The Right protests something that is openly, and blatantly racist, but no, this means the Right is full of snowflakes for protesting a show that is meant to tell white people what they can and can't do. has went as far as to say that the new show "Dear White People" "Outraged Bigoted Netflix Subscribers." Yes, Somehow protesting racism means you're a bigot. How does that make sense. It seems fairly blatantly obvious to me, but if you say Dear White People, You are lumping all white people into a group which is by definition racist. I would love to see how many Libs would explode with anger and vitriol if a show came out that was named "Dear Black People".

The root of the problem is this, Any show can exist, racist or not, and it doesnt matter. But when we are at a point in society where Racism is taken as to only mean from white people to another race, instead of being directed at White people in some cases, than we have warped the meaning of Racist to be horribly off from its true definition. People don't even consider that a black person can be racist towards a white person and that's why shows like "Dear White People" can exist and anyone who criticizes it is called a bigot. Where is the show that says "Dear Black People, you can't label anyone that disagrees with you a Racist." That show would face heavy criticism, and it would be right to criticize it, obviously it is generalizing black people into one group, however it is at least mildly accurate to our social climate today, telling white people that we all fit into a group of racists is purely false.