Monday, February 13, 2017

Political Correctness

The Fields of Freedom are difficult to maintain, they require constant maintenance and as a great President once said "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinct." Many Scourges can devastate the bountiful crops of freedom, ambitious Authoritarians, Government censorship, and many other anathemas that are so openly hated by Americans whose first love is freedom. Yet not all evils are clear to the eye, or in this case the ear, as you undoubtedly read in the title, I am speaking of Political Correctness. With the Election of President Trump, Political Correctness has taken a pounding but make no mistake, it has also surged forward as the hordes of Politically correct totalitarians rushed forward in horror at the election of Trump. Look no further than the Grammys where practically every other speech was an anti-Trump tirade cut straight from the block of Leftist Entertainment ingenuity. One group named Tribe going as far as to call Trump "Agent Orange" and ramble on about the "evil" that Trump is Perpetuating.

As Ben Shapiro says "It's our job to hold that wall... We're the last line of defense." What he is Speaking on here is the last bulwarks of the "Empire of Freedom," we are the Guardians of western civilization, it is up to brave people who do not fear the Politically Correct totalitarians to stand up for what they believe in. We see this still today, people that go against the grain, People like Joy Villa who went to the Grammys and decided, no, i'm not going to submit to the leftist Entertainment culture, I am not going to say what they want to hear, She wore a Trump dress, She broke the chains that surround the Entertainment business and was rewarded, her sales skyrocketed. The fact is that while most Americans adhere to Political Correctness, Fearing to say anything that may bring on the vitriol of the left, they understand that Political Correctness is a cruel and unjust master that deserves to be tossed from America. The Fact is that While we may hate Political correctness, according to a Rasmussen poll that shows 71% of Americans dislike it, It doesnt matter if we hold a distaste of it, It still festers in nearly every media source, nearly every entertainment group, and nearly every politician. The truth of the matter is that the only way that Political Correctness will ever be quashed is when people actually stand up for what is right, and if we can't stand up for right, than we are not an "Empire of Freedom," but rather a Pyrite statue, The First Amendment matters little when anyone who goes against the societal norms pushed upon us by the left, is crushed by the masses. In a day when a child can be mocked and laughed at for calling themselves a conservative at school, Freedom faces serious threat.

The problem of Political Correctness is as soon as the enforcers of this doctrine see it work, they push on to the next step. The lady named Joy Villa who wore the Trump Dress did not simply receive distaste from the Left, No she received death threats. Apparently Women should express themselves in any way unless it goes against any belief held by the left because that's where feminism stands today. First Political Correctness applied merely to what we said, but now it has moved on to what we don't say. When Lady Gaga failed to talk about Trump's election during the Super Bowl Halftime, which actually pleased most of the Super Bowl audience which tends to lean right, She wasn't applauded for keeping politics out of sports by the left, No, rather she was criticized for not delivering a speech on why Trump is the most evil thing in history. Trump isn't the greatest threat to democracy and freedom, The Greatest threat to Democracy and Freedom is Political Correctness.