Friday, March 17, 2017

Dousing Liberty's Flame

          During the 1960s, the Government enjoyed heavy favorability, perhaps due to the common enemy held by both the government and the people, very few Americans liked the Soviet Union, and thus the two entities held a common bond, but since then, trust in the government has began a precipitous decline. According to NPR, The government currently hovers below 20% on the matter of trust afforded to it by the American people, this seems common sense, who would trust a government that has continuously lied for its own benefits. Whether it is about "weapons of mass destruction" or the right to keep your own doctor, the government just does not have a good handle on the truth. And of course this is how the founders wanted it, the hallmark of democracies and republics is skepticism, to bow down to the government utterly decimates any freedoms held by the people, the founders of the United States understood this and portrayed their opinions perfectly in the form of the bill of rights. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to bear arms, Powers not afforded to the national government are a matter of state government, Freedom from Unwarranted arrests or seizure of property. All of these aforementioned rights have two things in common, All of them are rights given to the American people through the bill of rights, and all of them have been utterly ignored by the government at one point or other.
          Any knowledgeable American will tell you that the basis for the second amendment is clear and simple, Americans have the right to bear arms in order, not only to protect their family and house, but to also protect against the chance of the government going tyrannical. So if this is the basis for the Second Amendment, why do Americans allow the right meant to protect against the government to be restricted by the very antagonist that the second Amendment is put in place to protect again.
         The first reason Americans yield their rights is dog whistling, Politicians play petty politics after every single shooting that breaks the news, it's always the gun. Even the thought that there is a malicious human behind the gun is silly to some people, of course the gun is the one making the decision to kill. This appeals to  many Americans because as humans we look for safety and comfort before anything else, we see this clearly portrayed in the Patriot act, Americans are fine with a clearly unconstitutional act if it means feeling better. In the same way, Americans hear politicians say, if we ban semi automatic rifles, you and your family are safe, and latch onto it because it is a form of comfort. Pesky little facts like the reality that higher gun ownership does not equal more homicides are completely ignored by the public. In fact the UK, which has a much smaller population than America, sees on average, 130,000 Knife attacks per year, far, far more than the number of shooting in America per year, yet this fact is purposefully overlooked. Politicians most certainly have the common sense to look up facts and understand that gun control will do little to nothing for the violence rates in america, yet they still attempt to push their agenda.
        The second reason American yield rights is utter lies, Clearly, the lie that gun control will lower violence in America is already one that afflicts the American populace, and it is not alone. The second Amendment is easily the most bashed right we know, and even the reasoning for it is being attacked. leftist sites like Zerohedge tell their readers, of course the Second amendment is pointless because an armed revolt would be futile. Even without directly including the said wording, the implications are clear as day, the Second Amendment calls for armed revolt if the government goes tyrannical, Armed revolt is futile, therefore the Second Amendment is futile. As a people, we hear this pathetic excuse for logic thrown around as if it delegitimize the second amendment, I just find it hard to understand why we allow the Second amendment to be hit like this, yet if something like the first Amendment was attacked, the offender would be called a fascist. Placing the same logic given to the second amendment, to the first amendment, if I said, The First amendment allows for the right to petition the government, the government won't change its mind, therefore that part of the first amendment is futile and therefore should be repealed, I would sound like a moron. This comparison holds up on many points, one of which being, in the same way that the premise calling petitioning futile is false, the premise calling armed revolt is false as well. In fact, many groups will outright lie in an attempt to degrade the second amendment, A popular revolt would likely succeed, surely the government doesnt want it's citizens understanding that, but the facts are the facts. Yet, regardless of the facts, Americans are subject to constant attacks on their rights, under the pretense that these so called facts are true, and when convinced that something is just a useless burden, Americans are willing to shed that right.
       The Second Amendment is not the only right under constant attack, the entire constitution is under attack, but what's even more worrying is how completely fine the american people are with it.
When I first heard that the CIA was spying on Americans, I thought a vast majority of Americans would be outraged, when that never happened, I simply assumed to many Americans were unaware of what was going on. This would seem reasonable, I would assume, if people knew they were being spied on, they would be upset to say the least. Except this is not the case, Americans not only are not upset for the most part, they want more being done.
           A poll by YouGov shows that not only do a larger portion of Americans think that the CIA is making the right decisions for the course of our country than otherwise, but Americans also don't think the CIA is doing enough! I saw a Poll from Fox that showed support for the CIA actually rose since last year, from 60% to over 70%. In what twisted society do we exist, in which learning that a government agency spying on us, makes us more favorable towards that agency. A majority of Americans are in complete support of a Government Agency breaking the constitutional rights of Americans. The precedent this sets is clearly dangerous.
       The Problem with this whole debacle is that what does one even do in a case where the people being abused, support the abuse! One does not have to be very educated on the matter of American government to understand that the US government sucks at just about everything they do, and not only that, but the government is constantly in search of more power, mccarthyism, the Patriot act, completely circumventing the 9th and 10th Amendments. Americans have to wake up and understand that the constitution was written for people's sake, not to grant government power.  A vast majority of Americans support the constitution, but if the American people want to put their actions where there words are, it's about time people start protesting the complete and utter lack of regard the government has for the constitution, every right ceded to the government just sets a precedent that leads to more rights being taken away, there is never one single goal, every power hungry government wants it's country to become more statist, and that requires rights being taken from the people, If the constitution matters at all, this should ring alarm bells for every American.