Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Trump Effect

While the media's attention has been riveted on the middle East, The Trump effect has been taking place. It turns out the Middle east isn't the only place booming right now, The USA economy has surged forward, beating prediction after prediction as Business optimism soars to new highs.
Predictions for job growth in March placed the expected number of added jobs to a fairly good 160,000. However if you were one of the lucky people to get a job, you had a very good chance of not being one of that 160,000 because the actual number of jobs added hit an incredible 263,000. A job increase of almost double the predicted amount is almost unprecedented, and this would just be a continuation on Trump's presidency breaking predictions. Not only did March break predictions, February did as well, and so did January.
While Trump's approval rating continues to fight for air, He certainly has no fear of business owners trying to push him under. In fact, when Trump was elected, within a month, the business optimism index had soars 7.4 points, the largest change since 1986 according to CNBC.
If all you have been focused on has been Trump's petty rhetoric, of course you would view Trump's presidency as pathetic and damaging, but while Trump's rhetoric continues to appall americans, the Business Trump works in the background, sending hundreds of thousands of Americans to work.