Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump and the Evil Russians

                                              "Blame the Russians" -DNC motto 2017

In a meeting with the Russian foreign minister, and Ambassador, Trump disclosed classified information that puts "lives on the line". What is this Classified information that Trump gave the Russians, was it the nuclear codes? Was it details on the American defense system? Was it information about individuals Putin wants dead?  Or could it have been, perhaps, Information regarding the threat of Isis, something that affects both America and Russia, Information that could directly save civilian lives?
Trump disclosed Classified information, which it is in the legal rights of the president to do, regarding Isis bombing airplanes by the use of laptops. Something that should be concerning to every Country at all hostile with Isis, and Russia happens to be one of those nations. The idea that Revealing Classified information to Russia about a shared enemy is somehow going to make Russia do something horrible is a joke.
The only qualm I have about this, is that security officials have said that Russia may be able to trace this information given by Trump back to its source, which would be... terrible, maybe? The Funny thing about this is that without even knowing if Russia was tracing the information to it's source, the very people going out and trumpeting how terrible it is that Trump released this information and now Russia might find the source, are stating that the information came from Israel! Thanks for keeping it secret. That's literally like saying, "Oh no, I think the my boss might fire me, I might as well resign because it's going to happen, I don't have evidence, but I know it will(might) happen."
Is it bad that this could be traced back to someone, most likely. Is Russia going to do something terrible to Israel now, in hopes of pushing their Pro-Assad stance in which Iran is a factor, and Iran might be aggressive with Israel, Probably not, not if Russia has it's own interests in mind.
The fact is, America can easily cripple Russia's economy, we've done it before, we can do it again, Putin should know, and probably does know better than to do anything that could endanger and ally as close as Israel to the united states, and this is of course on the assumption that Putin will or is able to trace the information back to its source.
So to sum it up, Trump gives information that is in the interest of the USA, and Russia, to know, Regarding a terrorist organization that neither nation would ever side with, and the Democrats start calling for impeachment!
Democratic Representative Al Green, went out today, and called on the house to impeach Trump. On what grounds you may ask. All sorts of grounds would be the answer, unsubstantiated claims about Trump and Russia colluding, unsubstantiated claims about Trump firing Comey in order to obstruct justice(which in reality, the Investigation won't be ended just because Comey is gone, the only suspicious action would be if Trump hired a clearly Partisan FBI Director to take Comey's place.), and now claims that Trump taking a legal action has somehow endangered America or its allies, let alone the fact that Israel responded to these allegations by renewing its vow to work with America on counter-terrorist subjects and wants to "deepen" its relations with president Trump.
If you ever were worried about Washington insiders clawing back in order to restore their stranglehold on America, now is the time to be most worried. The Mainstream Media is pushing a fully unsubstantiated narrative about Trump somehow colluding with Russia and obstructing justice, neither of which hold any actual ground in reality.
On the subject of Trump firing Comey, we have had substantial evidence going to show that Trump fired Comey on the grounds that he was angry with the man, after dismissing Trump's wiretapping claims, Trump had been furious with Comey, this is according to all accounts, Clearly not a flattering motive, but far better than the purely speculative claims put forth by the left that Trump did this to obstruct justice. This ignores the fact that the investigation can still continue without Comey! Some people I have spoken to say it's crazy that I could even consider the possibility that Trump fired someone because he was angry. "no president would ever fire someone just because the president is angry", is what I hear, my response to this is very simple. Do you even know who the president is, this isn't any President, it is within Trumps character and history to fire anyone he wants and the idea that he morphed when he became president is millions of times more absurd than me suggesting he fired Comey because he was angry at him, ever could be. Trump is not the regular president, he still has the mindset of a businessman, and in business you can fire someone if you're angry about how they are performing in their job, Trump did this expecting to be applauded by Democrats but was quickly taken back when the Democrats swiftly put together a new narrative to attack his latest action.
The Mainstream Media is pushing one of the most fabricated narratives yet to be seen, but let's look back at the past to see if they always worked this way. 2008-2016, the good old days, or mediocre old days, with a lot of them being really really bad, Barrack Obama time as president, clearly completely devoid of any leaking...
-Obama offers to share Classified information about Isis with Russia (2016)
-Obama Discloses Military plans to raid Al-qaeda positions in a fit of grandstanding giving Al-qaeda  ample time to retreat before US forces reach the aforementioned positions
-Obama Administration leaks classified information about General Michael Flynn's conversation with  Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.
-Obama administration Leaks classified information about Seal Team 6 
-Obama administration leaks Classified information about Israeli military operation to Iran(ironically the same people who are worried Israel will somehow get hurt, are for the most part, all supportive of Obama)
-High Ranking Official in Obama administration leaks classified information about Cyber attacks on Iran Nuclear Facilities 
-Multiple instances of Obama administration purposefully leaking classified information about Israeli military operations in Syria. 
Where was the Media. Where was the Mainstream Media, on any single one of these vile cases. the left wants to talk about protecting Israel, where was the left during Obama's reign when Israel was continuously being harmed by leaks that Obama purposefully put out. Talk about an anti-Israel regime.
The Media's Bias against Trump is so blatantly clear, they didn't worry when it was Obama purposefully putting Israeli "Lives on the line". A quote that, Ironically, I used earlier, said by one of the people exclaiming how terrible Trumps disclosures were, and who also happened not to once complain about Obama's much, much more dangerous leaks. If there ever was a time to call the Mainstream Media dishonest, Bias, slanted, Agenda pushing, Elitist, anti-outsider, or any other suitable phrase, now is the time. The media's crusade against Trump, one purely based on speculation, is a clear manifestation of a deliberate attempt at getting Trump impeached, if your not worried about this, your missing an awful lot about what is going on.

Google+ Polling: Fox News Viewership

In today's part in the series where we poll people on everyone's favorite Social Media site, Google+. for today's series, we take a look at the Fox News Viewership, by polling the Fox News community, Many of you may be wondering, why is it always Fox news getting polled, Perhaps the reason is that I'm addicted to Fox News, but a more likely story is that the Fox News Community is literally the only Community active enough to get a sufficient number of votes on my polls, sufficient being more than one, and preferably more than two, three, or four.

The questions posed to these Fox Pups((baby Foxes)tied to a particular new station) was as follows, "what would you define your political ideology as", and "does Fox news generally align with your political views". This of course was directed at the Fox News Community, or as I will jubilantly call it the Fox Skulk(group of Foxes) in order to keep the running chain of Homonyms.

As for the Question "how would you define your Political Ideology, here were the fairly predictable results, although Neocons were nowhere to be found.
As you might see from this chart, There is an awful lot of Traditionalists on Fox News. Sadly to me, not quite as many Libertarians.

For the second question, People were asked how often their political views aligned with Fox.

Another Predictable Result as you may see, while there were three utter loyalists to Fox, The results were mainly people who just generally aligned but had a few qualms, with a couple people who either only sometimes agreed with Fox's overall agenda, or were completely against it.

As it would appear from my results, Traditionalists were the most likely to either always agree with Fox or usually agree with fox, with 2 of the people who always agreed with Fox being Traditionalist, and 1 being a Libertarian, surprisingly enough, no liberals said they always agreed with Fox, how odd.

Traditionalists have "traditionally" been the major viewing block of Fox News and the major voting block of the Republican Party, however it is interesting to note that Libertarians made up the second largest block, outpacing Other which I would suppose is most likely moderates. Libertarians have increasingly been leaning towards the Right as their party becomes better known among Millennials who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. This would suggest that Libertarians are increasingly becoming a card in politics as they have only recently actually become a voting block, yet they already make up the second largest block of Fox Viewership, which is obviously by far the largest Conservative News station. With Libertarians becoming a larger base in the Republican Party, and Trump becoming the President, We may begin to see a real shift away from Neocons, and traditional Republican stances, and into a slightly more authoritarian Libertarian party where things like Gay marriage are more widely accepted. This shift could be hugely detrimental to the Democrat Party because the reality is, there is a large amount of people who find the Republican Party to be better suited to dealing with a fragile economy, but find some of the purported aspects of the Republican party to be unpalatable.

Another thing to note is that almost 3/4s of Fox Viewers almost always agreed with Fox news, or 100% agreed with everything Fox says. Once again, going back to the last addition to the series "Google+ Polling", there is a clear Loyal base of Fox that other News stations just don't have, I personally find CNN, ABC, and MSNBC to be generally interchangeable but finding a replacement for Fox is a much, much, more difficult task.

That's all for now, I want to Remind you, that you can influence the next addition to the series by offering suggestions as to what I should ask as my next questionnaire down in the Comments below, or by Emailing me at
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