Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Washington Post: Actual News dies in Darkness

Something that should be very apparent to the Washington post visitor is there new slogan, Democracy dies in darkness, which of course is positioned within the dark background of the header for the Washington Post website. Democracy clearly isn't the only thing dying in that dark header, Real news is getting thrown out the window while the Washington Post churns out DNC propaganda at an astounding Rate. How Bias is the Washington Post, we all know that the Mainstream media outlets hold Trump to different standards than Obama, When Obama consistently leaked highly classified information about Israel that was vital to the actual lives of Israeli military operatives, there was silence, when Trump didn't even release a source, but the Evil Russians may have been able to find out who the source was, The media started bringing up Impeachment. Whether it's Political Bias, Racism against Orange men, or some other factor, the Media is clearly pushing an agenda that does not include Trump as president.
At the Head of the Anti-Trump Sheep Herders is The Washington Post. While openly pushing anti-Trump articles, the Washington Post released an Opinion article so disgusting and biased, that it belongs on Buzzfeed, not a supposedly respectable News source. The article is called Trump's bizarre and un-American visit to Saudi Arabia. You may say, but it's an Opinion article, yes it is an Opinion, an opinion so lowly and uneducated that it doesnt belong on a powerful news source. The Washington Post has the right to say what was said in the article, but really. Really...

The article lists out Six reasons for why Trump visiting Saudi Arabia was the worst thing in human history!

1:A strange Choice for the first visit.
The article stated that each of the four previous presidents visited a neighbor like Mexico and Canada. Who cares, What on earth is wrong with going to Saudi Arabia in order to build a movement for fighting Islamic Terrorism! Why is it wrong to go to the most unstable part of the world and try to build ties and fight terrorism, I know for a fact that it wasn't called Un-american by the washington post when Obama went to Saudi Arabia. No, when Obama does anything, he's okay because he's a leftist. The Washington Post stating that its un-american to go to somewhere like Saudi-Arabia for the first Presidential visit is pathetic, I hope they realize Trump can do everything he wants, over the phone with Canada and Mexico, the point of going to Saudi Arabia is to show personal interest in fighting Terrorism. This article even attempted to say that this somehow was Trump condoning Saudi Arabia's treatment of Women. "Trump chose, instead, to make his first presidential visit to an oligarchic kleptocracy which forces it's women to hide their faces and forbids them to travel without a male guardian's permission". Its nice and all that The Washington Post finally recognizes the human rights abuses common in the Middle east, but really, It's Trump condoning this behaviour when he goes there but when Obama does the exact same thing, there is nothing wrong with it?

2: A bad place to speak out against Islamic Terrorism.
The article went on to note the facts that Saudi Arabia is an odd place to go when combatting terrorism. Two things, what other place should Trump go, and why is it un-american and odd when Trump goes, but once again Obama did the same thing and there was no outrage.

3: The Sword Dance
Apparently Trump participated in a "sinister" traditional sword dance that apparently the Washington Post is apparently saying that the President should go to Saudi Arabia to talk about oil but not join in on anything. Okay, Trump dancing in a Sword Dance is not him condoning anything, its joining in on a tiny non-dangerous part of a different culture, but of Course when Trump is the one participating in multi-culturalism, the left hates it.

4:Ivanka Trump supporting Women Entrepreneurs.
Supposedly when Ivanka was reaching out to Female entrepreneurs in a country where females are oppressed is somehow cruel and evil. What is wrong with whoever wrote this article, Reaching out to people doing great things against all odds is good, not "un-american". Furthermore, the Article stated that Ivanka's Fund receiving money from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is beyond what "Hillary Clinton ever dreamed of" except it just isn't, Hillary Clinton's foundation Received money from Saudi Arabia, over 30 million, Hillary's Foundation also received multiple millions from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar.

5:Tillerson Speaks about Human Rights abuses in Iran
Tillerson spoke out about the common rights abuses in Iran, how Un-American, because if there is anything a president should do while trying to gain support, its telling Tillerson to target Saudi Arabia, the country they are speaking in, instead of Iran. The Washington Post tries to ridicule the idea that Tillerson speaking out about Iran's Civil Rights Abuses is terrible since he was in the also terrible Saudi Arabia. There actually isn't anything wrong with that, Obama did similar things all the Time!

6: Tillerson holding a news conference without any American press
Oh no... According to The Washington Post, this is a deliberate attempt to hide what Tillerson said from American eyes... Or, as it turns out, according to CNN, the State department "later apologized, adding that it couldn't notify the press in time". How sinister, Who ever wrote this Washington Post article didn't even research! It wasn't an issue of banning American press, it was a late notification from a separate entity.

Also, aside from this Opinion article, there is more stupidity coming out of the Washington Post, Oh no, Trump mocked Obama for Bowing, but he Bowed!!!!! 
This Requires but one tiny paragraph to tear apart, its completely moronic stuff in reality. The story coming from the left goes, Trump mocked Obama for bowing to the Saudi Arabian royalty, but then Trump Bowed!
Oh dear, He lowered his neck to have a necklace placed on him! I don't know if you have ever worn a necklace, but if someone is going to put it on you, you need to lower your head to receive it unless the person giving it to you is Giant. This is not Trump Bowing and this supposed bowing is utter Fake News.

What's surprising about this is not that the Washington Post tried to push complete and utter lies, we can expect that, What's surprising about this is that this story is not under Opinion, it's under analysis on "the Fix". Wow... nice job @The Washington Post.