Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cannibalistic Left

Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
Nowhere is this more true than on the campus of Evergreen college where currently there is a movement to have a white liberal professor fired for refusing to leave the campus on "day of absence," a day where all white people were asked to leave the Campus. Professor Bret Weinstein is on the verge of being forced to leave Evergreen college on the mere fact that he refused to go along with the new age segregation that the young radical left pushes.
Whenever you give fascistic leftists a chance to continue their openly racist policies, they will take that chance. How long ago was it that campuses like Evergreen were submitting to the falsity of the claim "only white people can be racist". After each victory, the Campus extreme left pushes on to the next campaign. From Safe spaces to banning speakers, there is a clear agenda that states, any ideas that do not align perfectly with the far left Will be shut down. The insane fact of this monstrous continuously moving machine is that no one is safe from its wrath, This college professor was presumably one of them. Bret Weinstein was a liberal, a left leaning professor, yet in the moronic fight to censor everything, he was tossed out for refusing to go along with their new struggle for segregation.
This sort of radical and plainly wrong thinking is not only disturbing as it shows a new brand of totalitarian leftists, but it also should worry liberals. Obviously most millennials are liberal, most people start as liberals and switch to conservative as they start families or become more critical of overarching government. But in my personal experience, this sort of radical thinking is putting of a lot of young people, many of my friends, perhaps even a majority, have started to move more right. Almost everyone in the high school age range has probably seen an sjw compilation at least once, It turns the far left into a laughable movement, and people think, that side is insane, i'll just go to the seemingly more rational side. I myself started watching Milo Yiannopoulos who's one job is exposing radical leftists, before going on to more substantial speakers like Ben shapiro, and then finally starting to transition to Milton friedman, Ronald Reagan, and Ron Paul.
Not only is the far left attacking other left wingers, but they are destroying any chance at the left wing having a chance at real growth. The Right wing should celebrate and mock this movement at any chance because it is a winning point, The radical left is a laughable movement that has the chance at bringing about a resurgence in the libertarian right, as people laugh at authoritarianism, and laugh at leftism.