Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SJW Libertarians ought to think

Libertarianism, Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt directly harm anyone. A wonderful, American, Ideology, which is why it is such a shame that people so asininely distort it into a sort of paradise that is the mirror image of communist philosophy. Of course there is an obvious dichotomy between Libertarianism and Communism, and anyway who argues otherwise is talking about dreamland, where Communism comes without big government, The two are obvious ideological opposites, yet the basic support beams that hold up these ideologies are all too often very similar.

What makes communism run, or in other words, why is communism impossible? It requires perfect people, and even then it would stunt innovation, communism requires perfection, people need to work at the perfect rate, never make mistakes, always be on task, love the government more than their family or themselves, or if you really want to talk about impossibilities, love the supposed community more than themselves because incredibly, many define communism as the community equally distributing resources rather than the government. In other words, Communism is impossible because it hinges on perfection, and that is a noteworthy point for some libertarians that have gone to far in their ideology. Libertarians have made a name for themselves by flirting with anarchy, obviously this is a very select group of libertarians, but when it is a popular myth that Libertarians hate roads, there is a problem with the public image.

Libertarianism often goes to far, not as in it goes to the extremes of it's basic principles, but rather, libertarians are often horrible at interpreting what "Do whatever ever you want as long as it doesn't directly harm anyone" means. Abortion is a classic example, the Libertarian party platform states that it will leave the choice of abortion up to the people's Conscientious consideration. The problem with this is that Abortion is a very black and white issue, either the fetus is a baby, or its just a pile of goo. If there is any reason to believe that it should be a conscientious decision, than that requires the fetus to have some value, and the fetus can't have value if it's a pile of goo, so it must be a Human baby, or at least a human in development. Thus if it is a moral issue that comes down to someones consciousness, the libertarian party must admit that there is some significance to the fetus' life, and this allowing it to be killed is a tragedy that directly violates the clause, "as long as it doesn't directly harm anyone else".

Abortion is just an obvious example of where the libertarian party is wildly off. Libertarians also advocate Open borders, as they state "a free flow of people" is essential to "free trade", this issue is a little less wild if it were to come with the whole libertarian package, but all to often Libertarians advocate for open borders in america's current state. Yes, if we demolished all forms of government aid, open borders, would make sense, but when libertarians advocate for it, regardless of America's current vast welfare system, and bevy of things freely given out to citizens, Open borders is ridiculous. Open borders is only acceptable when people are coming into the nation to work, to make a life for themselves and their families, For instance, while many migrants come to America for this very reason today, earlier in american history, a classic example being the Irish, no one was coming to America for the free stuff, coming to America meant risking everything to achieved the american dream, Nowadays, it means receiving all sorts of free benefits, and living better regardless of your level of work. Open Borders can only successfully work if the Government does not give vast amounts of aid to those entering the country, if not, it is just a massive tax burden upon the country that costs hundreds of billions.

Another thing, Left leaning libertarians, if you lean left, as in economically lean left, you can not say you are libertarian, I am sorry for your loss, but Libertarianism is an inherently right wing ideology that advocates for the removal or shrinkage of government involvement in the business sector. You can hold socially libertarian beliefs, but being Socially libertarian, and actually libertarian is vastly different and the only thing Left leaning libertarians offer libertarianism is disagreement, and authoritarian beliefs for how the economy should run.

If Libertarians could actually manage to follow their core belief, maybe people could take them more seriously, but as of now, the party is infested with social justice warriors who don't care about the unborn's rights, don't care that opening up borders is incompatible with today's government, and willingly discard libertarian beliefs when those beliefs don't comply with their rainbow world in which socialism is a viable economic system, and free college some how doesn't violate a lower involvement of government.