Friday, September 8, 2017

Ageless Constitution

In Social media debates with liberal and progressive friends in highschool, the following argument has come up numerous times, And i'm quoting straight from a text message here,

"The constitution is hundreds of years old and definitely is in need of some revising. Times have changed in ways that the founding fathers could have never predicted."

This can be a sign of two things, Ignorance or authoritarianism, a third option is very rare, it does exist probably, I just have yet to ever see it. Because in reality, It's either A: the person just doesnt understand the ideas of the constitution, Separation of powers, limited government, individual rights, All these Ideas are timeless and will always be essential to a free people and a government that doesnt quash its people's rights. Or B: the person actually wants to bypass the process of law to get what he/she wants. For instance, people that support DACA and don't want it rescinded, the same people calling Trump a bigot, despite the fact that Trump has made very clear that he actually wants to legalize DACA and it just requires getting Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty with papers, out of the way, They want it not rescinded and they are okay with the unconstitutionality of it because it goes along with their beliefs. If you don't care about the process of pushing a bill through the house and senate as well as the various other steps involved, and you want the bill to be just implemented through executive power, regardless of the constitution, merely because you like what the bill says, you are definitionally an authoritarian.

Now the great thing to do with people that give such an utterly ridiculous argument is simply pose the question, "what in the constitution would you change?" It always gets them. Its actually funny how few progressives can give a coherent response when you ask them the simple question of what they would change. And there really is little that you can change, Do they want to revise the Bill of Rights, if so, how? Change freedom of speech or the right to bear arms, the Bill of rights seems fine to me. Or do they want to change how the branches work, it seems like pretty dicey territory when you're getting into changing separations of power.

The fact of the matter is, The constitution is perfectly fine as it is, and is the single most successful constitution in world history. The US constitution is the longest surviving constitution, and will be the longest surviving constitution as long as we don't let people go about changing something that in all likelihood they frankly don't understand. The fact is, if it ain't broke, dont fix it, and if you can't make it better, don't break it.

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