Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Greatest Civil Rights Fight of our Day

"The Right side of history", a phrase well loved by former President Obama, and certainly to be on the right side of history is something that any morally decent Person should strive to be on. However, we know well that all too often that it is extremely difficult to find what is morally correct, I highly doubt that many of the racists in the 1800s thought they would be remembered as the perpetrators of some of the most egregious human rights abuses in history,  yet today that it is a agreed upon as a tragedy in our history by all decent people. Yet, in redirecting back to Obama, even today horrifyingly common human rights abuses happen and what do many of our politicians do? They go out and stump for this mass killing, calling it a Human right to take another being's right to life away. Today in America, in a margin as small as 49%-46%, Americans support the largest mass killing in history, Abortion is a legal practice that in America alone that has killed nearly 60 million americans since 1973. That is Americans alone, throughout the world we have seen 1.468 Billion abortions since 1973, and already this year 29 million. To put the number Billion into perspective, remember that it wasn't even till 1804 that the human population hit 1 billion, and it would take another 120 years to to reach 2 billion, the number of abortions in the last forty years has cruelly stolen the lives of more human beings than the entire population of the 1800s.
Roe V Wade was the single most terribly decided case in judicial history as far as I'm concerned, the fact that someone could read the constitution and think that somehow Abortion was a constitutionally provided right is both asinine and plainly wrong. Not only was the decision of Roe V Wade unconstitutional but it defies even the base values of America, pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Forgive me if this seems obvious, but I fail to see how you can have either liberty or happiness, if you're dead. And despite this clear unconstitutionality, and the plain fact that Abortion should be decided by states, if not halted altogether aside from rare cases where the mother's life is in danger, if the those reasons weren't already to obvious, what about the fact that we know scientifically that the fetus, fetus of course being a word used today to dehumanize the baby and skirt around the idea of it being a human, is certainly alive. Upon conception, a single celled zygote, which will slowly grow into a full sized human baby, is formed. This Zygote is definitionally alive, and due to the fact it is a human baby, or even if you want to dehumanize it and call it a potential human being, the fact that the newly formed child, human or potential human, has value should be accepted by all peoples, purely on the grounds that human life should be valued.
Although Science and the Constitution are stacked against Roe V Wade, the pro-choice movement has turned abortion into a civil rights movement. The sheer ridiculousness of the reality we live in, one in which people fight to maintain the right to kill another human being, is clear to any logical and even partially scientific human, and I expect sometime in the future, whenever some nation comes along that values human life, people will look back and see this as just another egregious action in the vast timeline of history. There was slavery, what was it, it was the belief that certain Human beings , who were dehumanized were property since they were bought and are on an individual's land, We look back at that and say it is disgusting and atrocious that anyone would believe that, 200 years later, we see certain human beings, who are dehumanized, legally able to be killed because they are on the mother's property and are not seen as holding innate human value. History repeats itself for those too blind to act.
Make no mistake, every civil rights movement in history has been difficult because it goes against what is easy and socially acceptable, but the movement to view an unborn child as a human being, is the greatest civil rights movement of our time. Compare it to anything, nothing close to the magnitude of 1.4 billion deaths in only 40 or so years.

Start calling the Pro-Life movement a Civil Rights movement, that is what it is.The right to life is the most essential civil right.

Also one quick message to the democratic senators who were worried that DACA being rescinded would harm millions of illegal immigrant dreamers, Luckily for those Democrats, Trump agrees with the right for Dreamers to stay in America, but I want to point out the blatant hypocrisy of that. When did that Dreamer's life begin mattering? Clearly for those Democratic senators, it didn't happen when they were in the womb, yet as soon as it became politically beneficial to stand up for certain individuals well being that's where all the Democratic Senators were. Until they can start standing up for life at all stages, I find it hard to listen to them with a straight face when they talk about their concern for the Dreamers. 

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